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Online Love and Real Date

By Shafiqul Islam Jibon
Posted Jan 13, 2012 in Entertainment
By Shafiqul Islam Jibon
Maria and Plabon love each other like god and goddess. They appeared in love for last three years though they did not meet face to face yet. So they are very excited as they are going to first date in Christmas holidays. They thought they are very exceptional in love and they want to build a new history of love. They met on social networking site Facebook before three years. After then they did not stop online chatting. They believe that love is more than god. Maria lives in Birmingham and Plabon lives in London. Last week they decided to get together in London to celebrate their wild love after three years of connection.
Maria is beautician. She works in a unisex salon. She looks very pretty and gentle. Other side Plabon works in a fashion store. He is smart but a bit talkative. When he starts to talk on a particular topic, he finished at unnecessary things that actually do not mean any logic. But both of them are serious about love and romance.
Once Maria said about love, if you able to kiss your lover with honest passion, you do not need to kiss holy books, cross or religious stones. The human lips can provide you more strength and support when you are in worse situation of life. You do not need to touch Bible or Quran if you are really able to think your love just over there while downing in the ocean. Only love can take you back from punitive sin.
Other side Plabon, a very romantic, jolly and sympathetic young man who likes to think that love is the god of gods and goddess. All gods were created from love. And all evils were created as Bi-products while producing gods from nature and human being. Love is finished product and hate is Bi-product of romance between god and goddess.
Plabon is a Bengali name. Its English meaning is flood with storm. He always thinks himself as flood and storm that can swap all dirty things from the land in a moment. He thinks himself as power of love that can change and clean up all human dust. This is his spirit of love. He is going to date with Maria first time in his life with stormy spirit.
Once Maria asked Plabon while chatting, what is love? Plabon had replied punctually, “love is a life! Life is a love. I live for love! Only love can make a life meaningful with pure joy and happiness. Love works as plabon or deluge. Love can make people to be cured from all evils. A human could be a desert without proper irrigation of love.
While chatting on Facebook, they like to talk about love this way. They both like to fly in fantasy. They express their thoughts about love what they imagine. Thus way they have spent a lot of sleepless night about talking on love. On Facebook they have sworn to be buried in love with each other. Maria promised, “Even if the tsunami comes, I will never leave you sweet heart’’
Now they are going to date physically in London. After long mental preparation, they have finalised the meeting date on Saturday evening at Victoria station in London, which is just two days left more. In the meantime, Maria took two weeks Christmas holidays from her employer. She bought some nice gifts from local shops for Plabon. Plabon likes black and white T-shirt and blue baggy jeans. So she bought some of those too. They have also planned to spend a night in Brighton to celebrate their first date on sea beach where they booked a hotel for two nights following the Boxing Day.
Plabon rented a new luxury flat by Thames side which is also very isolated. He bought a big Christmas tree with beautiful decorative lights. After evening, all of his windows twinkle like shiny stars in the sky for last few days. He is now just waiting to surprise Maria with passionate love. She is thinking about the moment of first sight of each other. Sometimes he stands in front of his big mirror to rehearse about first hug. Every night he spends sometimes to practise on hug to Maria. His one bed room flat was covered with colourful toys, balloons and lot of funny things. He refurbished the room walls with Pink and Green colour as Maria likes. Maria is very fond of violin. So he has set up an aristocratic sound system that makes romantic effects in the house. He stored his bathroom with expensive beauty items and perfume for Maria.
Saturday Evening at Euston Station
It was very cold outside. Plabon took his long outer as he planned to hold Maria in his jacket if she feels cold. Even it could be a great opportunity to Hug Maria. The Birmingham bound train supposed to arrival at 6pm. He arrived at the station before half five. He bought a coffee to be warm up and jolly. He put black glasses to hide his shyness to Maria and observe her body more clearly. He thinks sunglasses or goggles are the best tools to observe someone especially ladies body without any barricades. Normally he uses glasses while meeting someone first time. Last night Maria told him that he can easily recognize her as she will wear pink outer and carry a red luggage. So it can save time to find out each other at the station.
The expected train just arrived. Plabon’s heartbeat started to jump. He is looking around like watch dog. Suddenly his eyes stacked on a middle age women who was covered blue outer and carrying a big red luggage. He could not believe that real Maria would be different than whom he met online. He stepped back behind a big thumb. Maria is also looking for him with white T-shirt and baggy black jeans. She took her smart phone from pink vanity bag. Then she called to Plabon. Plabon is hesitating to receive her call. Once he attempted to run from the station. Even he was all most blocked by her on the way out. So he promptly stepped back. He is thinking it could be wiser to entertain her in a restaurant and then he can leave her somewhere else. He is very nervous and disappointed that he did not find the girl actually whom he met before three years on Facebook. After third call he received the phone.
Maria said; “Hi, it’s me, your Maria honey, I just arrived’’
Plabon said; “Oh yes! Yes love, I am just here, see you in a second’’.
Maria replied; “Oh, lovely, see you then’’.
After few seconds Plabon came to her. They are looking at each other. Maria is chuckling. Plabon expanded his hand which is also vibrating. Maria has shaken his hand. There was nothing happened with hug as imagination. They did not jump to each other’s neck as they expected in dream.
Maria asked Plabon; “why are you looking upset honey? Are you nervous to see me? Is there anything wrong’’
Plabon said; “no….no…I am fine, I am fine’’.
Maria said, can we sit in a coffee shop for while?
“Oh yes, off course! There is a nice coffee shop over there.’’ Plabon said.
They stepped forward to the coffee shop. While drinking coffee, “Plabon asked Maria, I can’t believe my eyes that you are here with me. I am so happy to see you’’.
Maria said; “no, I do not think so. I think you are hiding our real feelings to me. I am obese and I look so old lady, right’’?
Plabon got more nervous. He said; “no, no I am not hiding anything. But I am something confused about our video chat on the Internet. I could not match you exactly between you and the real one whom I met on Facebook. This is you like mom and her daughter I met’’.
Maria looked at Plabon and held his hand something angrily. Then she said; “yes you are true. She was my daughter on face book you met. I have used her photos in my profile and sometimes you saw her in video instead of me, okay? But this is real Maria who talked about love all the time for hours and hours, night after night with you. This is me who felt in love with you. This is real Maria who became blind for your love. This is your Maria, who wants to kiss her holy lips stones. Would you let me back from your holy premises my love?’’
Plabon is got silent. He is looking at the sky by the restaurant window. He just said; “I think it will rain now’’
Maria asked; did you hear me what I said? Why you don’t answer my questions? She said; I am not very attractive and look petite, some people says I am obese. But I have a very good mind. I am caring and sophisticated. I am romantic and I love children and family’’.
Plabon said; but I am pretty younger than you. I look like your son. Now I am only twenty seven years of old. But you look like fifty up.
Maria got upset. She then said; so what if I am twenty or eighty. Now I am exactly fifty three years of old lady, but so what? My heart and everything is still fresh and young. Even I am more kind and gentle than my daughter’’.
She paused. Then she said again; “Can you remember that you once had told me about your thoughts of love? You had said, you do not care about age, race, territory or religious to protect your love. You had said that you can jump from a mountain for your love. Why you do not talk now? I know you are talkative. You do not know how to start talking and when to finish. But now you are getting silent, why?’’
“Maria, I have lost my mind. I loved your daughter, not you. I have fallen in love with a pretty girl, whom made me cool by showing her beautiful photos and pretty face. I have rented an expensive house for Maria, who breaths in my bloods all the time’’.
Suddenly Maria got excited. She loudly said; “really? Oh my gosh, you have rented lovely house for me? Where is that? Can we go there now?’’
Plabon said; wait, wait, I said I have rented house for your daughter, not for you. I have decorated the house with expensive materials for her happiness. But you have destroyed everything’’.
Maria said; “darling, please don’t break my heart! I really have fallen in love with you. I cannot sleep without thinking of you. I dream of you for all the night. I want to be bed of roses for your body and soul. Please don’t hurt me! I want to be happy for this Christmas! I beg your love my sweet heart’’.
Plabon does not know what to do now. He cannot realize how to avoid this situation. He said; “could you sit here until I come back from men’s?’’ I need to go for loo.’’
Maria said; “hey look! Don’t try to be over smart. I am not that kid anymore. Okay let’s go men’s, I follow you.’’
Plabon said; “why you can’t trust me? Just sit here I am coming back in a minute, okay?’’
Maria said; what’s the problem if I follow you honey? I need to go also ladies. Do you want to run away from me? No, you can’t leave me if I don’t make you free. This time I do not want to be stupid as I did before with several guys.’’
Plabon got more nervous and shocked. His whole body is vibrating. He whispered; “my god! Oh my god!’’
Maria held his hand. She said; honey, another night you had told me that you will marry me if I just love you like a mad. Now I promise you again. I swear of god. I really mad for you. I have trusted everything that you have told me in last three years. Still I have fertility to produce baby if you want.’’
Plabon said; “Maria, you are crossing your limit. I cannot stay with a liar anymore. You have just black mailed my life which is a criminal offense.’’
This time Maria starts to cry like an actress. She took out some tissues from vanity bag and gutted her nose several times. Then she said; “okay, I am sorry for everything. It was my big mistake that I gave you my heart like a blind lover.
Maria stopped for a while and then said; “Darling I am so tired. I have travelled a long way. I need some rest. I cannot go back to Brighton now as it is too late. Could you take me in your home tonight? I will leave you early in the morning’’.
Plabon got hesitation to answer of this offer. He doesn’t know what to say now. He thought at least he can manage a night for her sleeping, although she came to meet him from far. He took a long breath. He cleaned his face by tissue. Then he said; “okay, don’t worry. I have enough room to sleep tonight. Please follow me’’.
Plabon rented a taxi for home. He sat with the driver. After twenty minutes they arrived to his luxury flat by the Thames River near the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre which was just taken from a landlord last week for dating with online Maria.
Where real Maria was surprized to see the house as it was just by the bank of the river. She was all most flattered to see the big Christmas tree in the living room which was decorated with colourful lights. There were hundreds of photos of online Maria hanged around the house. In the bed room, Plabon wrote on the wall; ‘’Maria, my love, this is everything for you, for our lovely date with your storm on marry Christmas’’.
Real Maria is very excited to observe Plabon’s efforts for love. She jumped on Plabon. She hugged him and tried to kiss on his lips as religious stones. But Plabon tried to rescue him from her all the time. He said; “Maria if you try to kiss me, you cannot sleep in my house tonight. I can push on triple nine, for your dishonesty’’. Then she stopped to try to impress Plabon. Later she said; darling I need to fill up….I am so hungry’’.
Plabon said, “there are some fruits, breads and drinks in the refrigerator. Please have it as you like’’.
Maria took all most all food from the refrigerator. She ate four full of breads, five apples, three oranges, four bananas, medium size butter, some green salads and coffee. While eating she felt sleepy.
Plabon offered her bed room to sleep. After few minutes he realized the house is getting burst with wheezing. This is first time Plabon recognized that what a terrible sound could be produced from a women snoring while sleeping in the night. In a result, he had to pass boring and painful night in the living room than romance with his online love Maria.
When he woke up in the morning, the door was open and the room was all most empty and mass. The diamond ring which he bought last week from a designer shop for online Maria was also lost.
Before calling police, Plabon discovered a small piece of paper his bed with a sentence which is ‘’ Love is not only matter of god and goddess, but also matter of beauty and obese’’.
Plabon whispered; “Bitch’’.

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