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A quinoa snack that's tasty and nutritious

By David Silverberg
Posted Jan 9, 2012 in Food
I recently stumbled upon a new type of healthy snack called I Heart Keenwah, made from the grain quinoa. The mother of all grains, quinoa is known as a complete source of protein, similar to what you find in meat products. Basically, it's crazy healthy and often used as a side dish.
But this snack came along and it's delicious! Arranged in small squares, I Heart Keenwah has a nice sweet taste, is crunchy and laced with various natural flavours, depending on what you get: chocolate sea salt, almond, cranberry cashew or ginger peanut.
I found the chocolate snack to be the tastiest, the salt was an excellent contrast to the chocolate's sweetness. Adding nuts to the snack was a smart move; it brought a crunchiness to the clusters to offset the quinoa's graininess.
My least fave of the bunch was ginger peanut. Something about ginger in snacks is a turn-off, so perhaps all ginger snacks aren't attractive to me. But if you are a fan of this spice, this flavour could be appealing.
A new quinoa snack called I Heart Keenwah
A new quinoa snack called I Heart Keenwah
I Heart Keenwah isn't available in many cities, but is available for purchase via its online store. Each 113 gram package costs $5 US, plus shipping and handling.
I'd recommend this snack if you are looking for a healthy hunger-killer, but watch out if you have sensitive teeth. These squares can be quite hard to bite on, similar to sesame treats, but perhaps the more adventurous of you out there can find new recipes using this quinoa concoction.

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