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Top movies we rented while staying at hotels

By Tim O'Brien
Posted Jan 8, 2012 in Entertainment
In the here he goes again department comes another list. Many of us travel and when we settle in our hotel rooms, we look to pay-per-view for relaxation or simply to pass time away. So, here it goes; excluding porn, here are the top ten movies we clicked on at hotel rooms last year.
1. "Bridesmaids"
2. "The Hangover Part II"
3. "Limitless"
4. "Fast Five"
5. "Little Fockers"
6. "Just Go With It"
7. "The Lincoln Lawyer"
8. "No Strings Attached"
9. "Hall Pass"
10. "Life As We Know It"
Notes: Judging from this list, passing the time away was exactly what we were doing. However, I get "Bridesmaids," which will probably get an Oscar nomination. But the others, well, pure escapism, which is fine, too. There have been times when I look at the room bill after they slip it under the door and scream - - WHY? I also understand "Fast Five" and "The Hangover" despite, to me, these being dreadful films.
Now, this list wasn't just me speculating as these are easy to check. So, this was done by ​Lodgenet. They provide these movies to no less than 1.6 million hotels, which include Marriott, Holiday Inn and Hyatt.
OK, now that Elvis Presley's birthday has passed and my Christmas decorations are put away, the 2011 lists just may be done, too. Unless they tell me that list of most rented porn movies in hotel rooms. Right now, mum is the word.

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