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Racism: Still an active problem?

By Todd Smith
Posted Jan 8, 2012 in World
A week or so ago an article on Yahoo News grabbed my attention and I feel that I have to bring to light the things that I've realized through my investigation into the matter. The article itself looks at the property dispute that was only recently settled between a Black Church based in South Carolina and an active Klu Klux Klan member operating out of an old theater that the Black church claimed to have the deed for. The judge ruled in the favor of the Black Church as they should have, not because of the items this man was selling (Klan robes, amongst other propaganda), but because of the facts. The deed was given to the Black Church by a leading member of the Klu Klux Klan in the area during an internal dispute. The Klan member is claimed to have become spiritually involved in the Church. In the member's will however it gave this other man the right to operate out of his building until he died. There was obviously some confusion.
But the article really started to make me think about Racism today and just how prevalent it is. I would start to throw statistics out there, but I honestly don't know and I have no way of proving any statistical study is correct in the first place knowing how heated some people get whenever Racism is mentioned. It represents the aftermath of a horrible part of the United State's history and I certainly don't agree with any form of Racism today. But I took a look around the internet after I read this article, and it seems to be that there is many more problems with this than some people can imagine.
Beyond the obvious problems with intolerance of any person or group of people, I realized that many African Americans in open forums responded to reports of racism with nothing other then more racism! This may seem a bit odd, but let me explain. I've seen numerous people claiming that 'white people will always be racist', or claiming that all white people are on meth, all white people are pedophiles, ect. The list goes on and I won't waste your time listing all the complaints that people had. These are slightly valid complaints of course, as these are real problems within our society, but the simple fact that they were responding to intolerance with intolerance seemed so absolutely redundant that it nearly made me sick! I'll take the time to quote something that I've taken as my saying for quite awhile now, as I think that it really points out the issue.
There is a difference between a black person and a (n-word).
This will likely have some people up in arms, of course. How could I even mention that word today? But let me explain, the quote means that you shouldn't get upset at someone because of their race, you should instead get upset at the alarming amount of people that make that and every other race look absolutely stupid.
These people that when confronted with Racism respond in the exact same way, are simply compounding the problem. I think that as a society we really need to start looking at ourselves and realizing what the real problem is, if we ever want to have a chance of kicking this nonsense in the butt for good. There are plenty of examples of white people that make our race look bad. There are plenty of examples of Asians that make them look bad, and I could go on to say the same for every race! But the actions of an individual should never be used as a standard for an entire race. If you use it that way then you are no better than any other racist out there.
Please feel free to share your thoughts on the matter, I'm very interested to see what you think about the problem.

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