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Will I be chastised by the backroom boys from IT for visiting dodgy websites?

By Elaine Findlay
Posted Jan 5, 2012 in Technology
I wrote an article yesterday about the first recorded instance of people using Tantum Rosa to obtain a "legal high" in the UK.
I did quite a bit of the research at work during the quiet times (I work in Academia and the students aren't back from the Christmas break yet). I suddenly got to thinking last night about what the backroom boys in the IT department would think if they looked at my website access history.
They could have a field day.
After all, I used dodgy search terms like "legal high," "drugs to get a legal high," "nickname for benzydamine," and so on. I also visited rather dubious forums where active drug users described their experiences of different types of narcotics prefixing the description with the term "SWIM" (denoting Someone Who Isn't Me) as a sort of get-out-clause one assumes so they can't be prosecuting for something they had done.
I'm hoping that, because I do work in Academia, the backroom boys will accept that I was simply doing what I was doing - i.e. researching. After all, I did visit a couple of other Academic sites as well.
Time will tell - they haven't turned up and told me to clear my desk so they can escort me off the premises just yet...