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Bamboo Bottle my favourite water bottle, even if it's a little heavy

By David Silverberg
Posted Jan 3, 2012 in Environment
I'm a water junkie. Friends who see me often rarely see me without a water bottle of some sort, and usually I carry around a metal bottle I often refill with tap water. But once I heard about Bamboo Bottle (based in New Hampshire), I was curious to try it out.
Made from bamboo and glass, this resusable water bottle is BPA-free and ensures your liquids are kept very hot or cold. Drinking from glass is much more refreshing than sipping from a metal bottle, while also allowing me to carry hot stuff like tea or soup on the go.
The bamboo is more stylish than anything else, but it gives the bottle a rugged feel. Thing is, due to the bamboo and glass interior, the bottle is heavier than most competitors, so I had to get used to that; but it's a small price to pay for a fantastic bottle fitted with a tight top and dishwasher-safe glass.
Water bottles aren't for anyone, evidenced by the many Evian plastic I see in subway cars. But to truly respect the environment and keep your body BPA-free, opt for something a bit more expensive ($25) but a lot more user-friendly.
I'm curious how you drink water, and what kind of receptacles you prefer. Do you invest in a sturdy water bottle or do you prefer refilling plastic bottles when you can? Also, how much water do you think we should be drinking daily?
The Bamboo Bottle  a new water bottle
The Bamboo Bottle, a new water bottle