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Plenty Of New Laws To Go Around In Illinois

By Tim O'Brien
Posted Dec 31, 2011 in Lifestyle
When looking at a any list of new laws, wonder to yourself how much time was put into these.
Meanwhile, the waste of energy and the need for some of them.
We pay people to sit around in committees and meetings to come with with new crap because it's their job. They think if they do not pass something they didn't do anything. Sure, some are good, but most are needless snooping or prying into our lives. Not just on a state level but the national level. Many are passed because we cannot stop doing things ourselves like NOT texting when driving.
But, when does it go to far?
Truth is, most things are distracting when we drive. Even staring out the window in front with your hands at 10-2 on the wheel, is distracting because it's mind-numbing. Looking out the window to glance at nature is quite distracting. A passenger can be very distracting. It goes on.
What I want is lawmakers to have the foresight to look ahead at the unintended consequences and the real need for some of the laws they pass.
Here are just a few example here in Illinois. You add in the federal laws and it's a wonder we can breathe on our own. Wait, that is surely being discussed in a meeting somewhere.
College Student Data (SB 122/PA 97-0588): Requires all public institutions of higher education to track the status of students who are the first in their family to attend an institution of higher education.
Note: Only the first? Why? But do not worry we do not track you. Just like the we do not share that census information.
Emergency Lights (SB 956/PA 97-0039): Allows a blue oscillating, rotating, or flashing light to be used when parked or stationary at the scene of a fire, rescue call, ambulance call, or motor vehicle accident.
Note: There are so many lights and alarms, we no longer pay attention to most of them.
Good Samaritan (SB 1372/PA 97-0183): Provides immunity for people (not corporations) who donate medical equipment or supplies (not medication) to a veterinarian school or licensed veterinarian for use by the veterinarian school or by the veterinarian in that person’s veterinary practice.
Note: Immunity?
Laser Airplane Prohibition (HB 167/PA 97-0153): Prohibits discharging a laser into the cockpit of an aircraft that is taking off, landing, or in flight.
Note: Simply because there are people doing this mindless act.
9-1-1 Surcharge (SB 2063/PA 97-0463): Establishes a mechanism to collect the 9-1-1 surcharge on pre-paid cell phones, thus requiring merchants to collect the surcharge at the point of sale.
Note: Take a close look at your phone bill from now on. There are some pretty strange items tacked on.
Thanks to Channel 4 out of S. Louis, MO for the complete list on this one.

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