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Weight and Irony

By Greer Nicholson
Posted Dec 30, 2011 in Lifestyle
A too familar source of pain  through much of my life
A too familar source of pain, through much of my life
Salter scales
Today, I decided it was time to face the effects of the rivers of alcohol and the mega meals I have spent the last week gorging on. I blogged earlier on losing weight, so you may already know that I am an exercise fanatic who lost 60 pounds, after the age of 50 and kept it off.
This takes constant vigilance and self-control. I allow myself a couple of days a week during which I permit treats but I ration these.
And, at Christmas, I give myself a week off, weighing in on December 30th and planning how - after the last river of alcohol happens on New Year's Eve - I will shift whatever I have gained and win back control.
Christmas includes a lot of lovely food and large amounts of champagne. I adore champagne and port and wine and liqueurs and - okay, I am no ascetic.
Usually, the total effect is between two and five pounds added on.
This morning, I prepared to face the music.
I managed to get quite a lot of cleaning and tidying done while avoiding the inevitable.
Then, the extraordinary miracle happened.
I am down, by four pounds.
Of course, I decided my trusty Salter scale had finally died. I have a neighbour who is a nurse and I asked if I could use her scale, which is electronic.
This confirmed that I am down in weight by four pounds, against my weight on December 18th.
I have no idea how this is possible. I have stayed with a friend who is an excellent cook and he and his partner have spoiled me rotten. The word "no" was never used as lovely treats were offered.
Then, I stayed with other friends. Cheese - large amounts of cheese, pasta and Bailey's were all involved.
I went to the doctor's to use the scales in the nurses's room. She confirmed the weight loss.
Today included fish and chips, tea and coffee with sugar and pancakes with maple syrup.
My metabolism has sped up and I cannot afford to drop more weight.
Yes, I am perfectly aware of how many of you are gnashing your teeth and hating me. I'm now the kind of person who whines about getting too thin and easy weight loss that I used to hate and seethe and whine about with blinding jealousy, when I was larger.
There is still a part of me that believes I will balloon up again and wake up one morning, seriously fat. It took a couple of years after I lost weight before nightmares about that stopped.
But really. How is it possible that I lost weight over Christmas?
All theories are welcome.

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