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New York Revisited: 2011

By mkwrk2
Posted Dec 20, 2011 in World
It is hard to amuse a world reading with the innovative wording might be used to presenting the recent personal New York-collated impressions because both more and less professional publicists have to date produced a plentitude of even in the published in the Big Apple only, not mentioning the rest of the planet. No matter what was printed contextually, this city leaves none indifferent surely. Having some time in this modern Babylon to look around could not only notice simply visually but absorb mere physically a very local vibration materialized in an instant local urge of being ahead others if even in subway, in which a-will-to-be-the-best resulted usually into waiting the train longer on a platform after customarily jumping over feet and straits to victoriously be the first, all commuters stepping from an escalator behind.
Such absorption indicates, probably, some shifting from pure observing to comparing a life surrounding on landscapes various.
To me, both inspiringly and physically, each meeting with New York City is simply a pleasure the West Side High Line in-progress multiplies, and a local climate suits my body functioning perfectly. While friends were wondering at such a curing metamorphosis, I just take it for granted in this locality of a planet.
It seems, a passage into the USA is much less smoothly these days than even a couple of years ago and even for visa waiver visitors. While one could wonder at an extent a later post-9/11 prerequisite of providing the US-based personal acquaintance’s name / address could agree with a freedom of travelling or could merely prevent entries of visitors harmful potentially, the modern trend travelers felt is rather emphasized on their possibilities to work unauthorized. In spite such efforts, employment situation has a broad room for improvement also it is de facto better in N.Y.C. than in other regions countrywide. Well, autumn-2011 was surely not a time passers-by were from streets into enterprises snatched by desperate employers. The Occupy Wall Street birthday on 9/16/2011 just verifies these observations.
A never purely-pale look of the City became gayer and less English-speaking during five years since my last slicking in local streets. Nowadays, also a traditionally-practical approach rules, the New-Yorkers pay much more attention to clothes, young males do especially. While jeans set sometimes far beneath the men’s hips, the wearers’ hairdos are perfectly groomed, silver and steel have substituted yellow jewelry and are routinely carried en masse. Females exhibit gold-and-diamond stuff in much higher quantities than previously, round the clock in subway inclusively, where stinky bulks of plastic bags had somewhere sometimes been motioned by homeless owners barely distinctive from their possessions-and this is really a clear problem, but do many care of it in reality?
With regards to the First World country group, as one understood, the public “safety net” has potential for advance, and too many catch hardly very specific opportunities “supporting the losers” services feasibly bring about at least for protecting a local job market, correcting the inflation rates, sustaining social calm in a post-industry epoch.
So, as a Twin Towers’ dust settled down routinely, life returns to a usual shellness gradually.
But it is different New York City, anyway.
Of differences speaking can’t omit such a delicate matter local attitude towards money is.
I feel New York is the only place on a planet a native US dollar banknote is a pattern of thorough investigation by anybody. And the newer-looking item-the higher risk it to be rejected by recipients. It is even not fifty or hundred dollar bills, of which usage is a total headache even at the subway station counters accepting no higher denomination than a twenty dollar note, but a ten dollar pieces making street sellers-the “melting pot” constituents overwhelmingly-trembling in disbelief. Fresh-looking never-circulated straight-from-a-bank ten dollar notes caused payee a never-return to a nearby take-away because of accusations in counterfeiting, left empty-handed at the Broadway reputable electronics superstore (well, a check-note-pen was used to, questioning a quality of either a gadget or cashier’s skills-or both), and even evicted in a snowy street as a bank clerk postponed deposit into the hostel’s account prior to banknote test results (of course, everything was OK with money, not for a patron and his situation, while the later legal advice was to better forget about such hospitality: amount paid for accommodation kissed plus additional expenses and moral loss incurred with suspicions and fears of others). One could say, this is a sort of paranoia aka caging windows in some districts’ high floor apartments but, on the other hand, such constructions provide some additional spaces as well as being alerted is a very preventive state of mind indeed in a town suffered heavily from terrorist attacks already. Ban on taking the pictures from public buses sustains an anti-terror prevention too as a bus driver had explained. A law-obedient commuter followed this ruling without any deliberation in a bus moving as a driver’s suggestion of further broadening a passenger’s knowledge of issues related by imminently arranging police at the nearest stop was out of traveler’s momentum agenda.
Police presence in a daily routine is visual and could hardly be overestimated in the Big Apple also people, those under forties especially, behave indifferently-friendly. It seems, both local law-enforcement news and legal business attract N.Y. media much more than the President’s visits abroad or, for instance, the State Department’s request to explain China’s Space Program development in Australia days prior to the President B. Obama’s speech at the Australian Parliament in Canberra.
One, as a citizen and juror, short of illusions the assurances of British-style legal system universality herald, could find following the New York newspapers educative and broadening the mind on issues of creating and running some proceedings themselves.
Dispute over Jerusalem is, one could say, an exact sample of.
The case was brought by the parents of a boy born in Jerusalem in 2002, not long after Congress enacted a law ordering the State Department to “record the place of birth as Israel” in passports of American children born in that city if their parents asked. Parents did ask but passport office did refuse. Such bureaucrats’ liberty in executing the laws is beyond comprehension of those in more restrictive places outside an originated-in-pre-Robin-Hood-forests factual working approach towards civic rights as a next kind of ”privileges” for commoners the American Revolution ended officially. An elementary logic stipulates a simple conclusion that yarmulke-wearing Menahem B. Zivotovsky might hardly visit, for instance, Mecca, no ambiguity-triggering at the Saudi Arabian boarder, while at the Ben Gurion International the Israelis hardly misunderstand the US “born in Jerusalem” passport-holders as ones being of non-Jewish background high-probably. Foreign policy, internal multi-nation affairs, Senate, White House, State Department, history, memos of understanding, national interest, international relations, Constitution, law-creating – according to newspapers, not much left outside a mix probed with this costly brain-exercising - the hearing climbing up a legal leader to factually please who-knows-who overseas while the US citizens are, legally and formally, already free to choose what their passports to provide or not to in this case. A propos, have on the boarder-crossings the Australians been questioned less of birthplaces since no country of birth, but a place only stated in passports involuntarily?-a little bird said.
Also leaving and returning to the Land of the Free is not a problem for the US citizens technically, a daily reality is, as understood, accentuated on much different needs, among which worries of securing the jobs are the most. It is really a very current super-trend and a very common topic of conversations even in the subway cars crowded. More job-seekers are on the way as missions in Iraq/Afghanistan accomplished.
It is not an author’s intention to analyze a murky 2008-present economic situation-who is he, this author, anyway?-on these pages but of a sole insolvent US-mortgage-debtor causing a world financial turmoil, bestowed persistently upon a globe tales aim, probably, just very naïve, ill-educated if at all, anti-Americans mostly. Locally, a story is going of lending conditions simplified at the fall of the twentieth century, of financial speculations went wrong and some whispering of jobs taken by “unauthorized residents”. Not much can relatively be heard of exporting the jobs abroad, of enterprises established initially on a meticulously calculated consumption of underpaid voiceless “undocumented” labor force, of the future of globalization as a very constituent of a “global reserve currency” functioning commanded by a private conglomerate of predominantly foreign banks the US Federal Reserve since 1913 is. It is not an author’s intention surely to dig into personalities of local journalists writing on economics, roughly speaking, into degree they are acquainted with Marxism or “leftist” economics in particulars, but “productive economics” on terms of producing-the-goods businesses is a common notion for whole spectrum of the US media. It is not an author’s intention to even somehow foresee even a shadow of further likely occurrences on the American soil but a pure in-general deductive still-not-exterminated-in-a-corner-of-residency regular thinking of a place in and an impact on a country’s future the traditionally-post-industry jobs-on-offer in gambling, sex services legalized and education degrees export do. As history taught, service / trade-oriented entities relay on non-economic factors heavily to keep going a value of money and their ways of life. So far, suing a few Wall Street usual inhabitants seen as a major evil of living-wishing-being-much-better became an inextricable feature of the timing current. It seems, it’s really handy deed indeed as prices rocketing, wages if any, are following the jobs disappearing-scarce for majority, mortgages cost is higher than property worth recently. While inside trading is simply an illegal use of a confidential data obtained through duties performed, for own personal gains financial, so-called “pyramids” the dollar-turned-round-a-dollar Ponzi schemes might affect a broader circle of public involved, attracting participants with super-returns paid with money of subsequent investors. Actually, both insurance companies and pension funds deploy Ponzi schemes. Insurance payments are somehow limited, regulated and restricted as anyone could at least once-in-a-life realize on own merits, and run mostly by government agencies etc., pension funds have generations of younger members regularly. Therefore, bankruptcy probability for privately-run Ponzi schemes is much higher, in times of economy’s shrinkage especially, because not enough new free dough to invest is available-a potential investor growth is limited naturally to pay dividends in progression, in other words because the earnings if any, are less than the payments to investors.
Eventually, economic crises-recessions have been triggered with a complex of problems gained “mass critical” also “over-supply of goods and services” is a common simplistic explanation of. If NIKON sent a near-equal-to-a-regular-price estimate to repair a camera found faulty by a retailer in a week after purchase, if APPLE charged for a blank-screen-iPod-replacement as much as this gadget price was without miscellaneous kept by an owner and provided an item in a different color anyway, if YOUTUBE scared with a closure of member’s account because of an amateur clip uploaded depicting the partygoers dancing under a music someone had a “market” right on– how does such a quality of goods and services questionable integrated round even a sole country affect its money value and economics entirely?
Again, in general, at least: 1- how do increasing money-transfers abroad affect stability of the prices/inflation rate interstate, and 2- does the nation’s wellbeing depend vitally on a steadily going up number of newcomers?
Nothing was found in a local press on a question 1 and, as one could figure out from media, a sky might fall if no more permanent arrivals, of those undocumented especially.
Back to the Earth and things visual, a December-2010 snowfall examined the City preparedness to unexpected forcefully also weather forecast was then available. Luckily, the later disasters somehow spared N.Y.C., testing no City’s emergency action plans in depth. It seems, near a year on, subway is still recovering repaired permanently, trains run amok-like during nights and weekends, making trips unpredictable for both duration and stops serviced also printed notices of changes were mostly available. Anyway, subway-traders, artists performing, strangers communicating as being on very own-is a fun to use, a different city in the City. That is why, perhaps, a JFK-run five-minute subway appendage is not free of charge now.
While natural cataclysms highlighted a worth of the City policies and staff ability to act swiftly, public dissatisfaction with employment opportunities and living standards decaying, fueled with banking fees unlimited turned towards the easiest target the Wall Street is. A very essence of this place is a mere stock exchange-it’s a marketplace goods and services change hands. However, this human brainchild lives own life of a dollar turnover far removed too frequently from supply-demand issues dealt with resources physical. As onlooker could catch, a naïve idea of getting life back by “keeping the Wall Street bastards honest” grounds these days New York phenomena Occupy Wall Street activism (OWS) is seen worldwide. It is not a first time in history Americans occupy public space to press decision-makers into change a significant segment of society wants. The Stonewall Riot was, actually, the most successful civic disobedience act in the modern history of the United States because demands were sharp, participants well joint in their vision of outcomes required and meeting the basic needs of sexual minority’s human rights was a revolutionarily-progressive step at a global scale, not damaging very monetary interests a system based upon. A country of Treasuryislandmedia’s Paul Morris, living classic Andres Serrano, conquering-the-world-peacefully Lady Gaga and the calling to exterminate all-linked-to-at-least-these-three-mentioned, praying for healing rather than accepting the medicine curing -the U.S.A. are still an astonishing example of triumphal coexistence human pluralistic mind created to date. Also things are diversifying in a shadow of no Towers, OWS has got a potential altering for future achievements irreversible. At the beginning described as a next drunk unemployed alumnus youth demarche runaway junkies and nerds embraced too, it quickly gained attention and, if not support, the understanding of its root reasoning by a variety of notables and dignitaries from contrary areas a broad spectrum of society presents. It is unclear whether facing non-law-enforcement problems, OWS will self-dissolve like a controversial project Park-51 nearby, of which indistinct asset ownership and lacking of funds finished effectively talks of new Mosque in the Twins area. What is surely clear, more and more various folks understand the inner motives underlying funny, sometimes out-of-a-world placards on a surface of parks and streets the Americans grown up on and assuming the stories of hard-working American Dream achievers as a fact of living, want not to give up.
These people simply can’t give up ideas and results of the American Revolution.
It is not a fault of the recent New York City Hall occupiers, recent national leaders that once upon a time these results were somehow hijacked and gradually modified by smart pro-colonial masters.
The history will judge a legacy of this unique Administration of the national unity for it deploying the uniqueness of a moment to take forefathers’ America back, to bring freedoms and liberty to the willing worldwide.
That is in New York’s air.
December, 2011

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