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Tidbits by Tim

By Tim O'Brien
Posted Dec 18, 2011 in Odd News
- No way was George Washington standing on that boat when it went to the other side. Standing up, what the? Wow, he could have easily taken a dive plus he would have been an easy target. Surely someone would have said, sit down George, you are rocking the boat.
- Fleas do not like vitamin B. It really is that simple so let's move on. Wait, we are not done yet. They also hate the smell of cedar.
- Worms do not have ears.
- Eleanor Barry loved reading. She loved it so much she had stacks of books everywhere. One day she fell asleep while reading and one of those stacks fell on her - - and killed her. The book she was reading was "How To Properly Stack Books." No, it was not. But she did die that way.
- Twelve cockroaches can live on the glue of a postage stamp for a week. Just one more reason to shut that place down.
- Rats can tread water up to three days but I still do not know why they want to.
- Chickens have no sweat glands. Sometimes I feel like I don't either.
- We ignore the majority of the sounds we hear on a daily basis. If we didn't we would go nuts.
- As a child, Abraham Lincoln taught his pet pig to play hide and seek.%

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