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Texts from Bennett, real text messages from an unintentionally hilarious teen

By David Silverberg
Posted Dec 15, 2011 in Internet
One of the most talked-about blogs this month is Texts from Bennett, a blog of text messages a guy exchanges with his 17-year-old cousin, "a white boy who thinks he's a crip" living in Kansas City. The texts are allegedly verbatim and exactly what the blogger receives.
Why is this blog so popular? Let's just say Bennett is funny even when he doesn't intend to be. His language is peppered with horrible advice on getting women or dealing with family, while also displaying an ignorance to racist language and sexist innuendo. It is almost too stupid to be true.
The messages might be upsetting to some, due to their language, but if you simply look at Bennett as a confused teen trying to wear a mask of bravado, you'll understand that this teen is (hopefully) merely going through a phase.
What do you think of this blog?

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