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Japan uses tsunami relief funds to kill whales

By Caroline Vimla
Posted Dec 15, 2011 in World
The world community is well aware of Japan's so-called 'scientific research' in the form of brutal slaughtering of whales. Every year, while Japan's whaling fleet, heads off to Antartic to hunt for whales, activists from Sea Shepherd attack the fleet as one of their campaigns against whaling. In fact, last year, Japan had to abandon its whaling activities midway due to continuous and relentless efforts of the anti-whaling group aboard Sea Shepherd.
Commercial whaling has been banned for almost 25 years. Japan justifies its hunting of at least a thousand whales every year as part of a 'scientific research program'. However, animal activists and critics claim this is merely a cover to slaughter whales for food. Japan has profusely declared that it has rights to conduct this lethal research and is protected by the International Whaling Commission (IWC).
Even more shocking is that reports have emerged that indicate Japan is using tsunami relief funds to support its whaling industry. $30million has been squandered to provide private security to the whaling fleet that has headed to Antartic waters to kill thousands of whales while the money should be used to help those caught in radiation affected areas in Japan.
Japan seems to suffer from memory lapses. Has it forgotten how its people suffered from the 9.0 magnitude earthquake that hit them followed by a massive tsunami on 11 March? Have the Japanese forgotten how helpless they had felt against the forces of nature? They are subjecting whales to the same desperate situation. The modus operandi used in whaling is to ruthlessly pursue whales on speed chaser ships until they become exhausted and disoriented. Then, the whales are shot with pointed harpoon packed with explosives, to give maximum impact. Needless to say, the injuries inflicted on the whales by the explosive harpoons are horrific. Japanese torture of whales in such a manner is truly despicable.
Despite international outcry over its whaling activities, Japan keeps flouting laws to do so. Australia had openly declared that it would take international legal action against Japan if it fails to stop the 'scientific' whale hunts. However, Japan, in all its arrogance, had counter-argued that it was confident that it will win any legal confrontation.
Looks like Japan will stop at nothing to fulfill its bloody quota of yearly whaling even at the expense of its own people who are still reeling from the tsunami as well as the nuclear meltdown. This is something Japan should hang its head in shame. Moreover, the whales are part of the diverse biodiversity which all living things are connected to. Japan has no right to kill them.
It is time to urge the Prime Minister of Japan to stop spending money on whaling and instead use the relief money on his own people, who need it most.
Please speak up for the whales and the tsunami victims.
Click on this link to sign the urgent petition and, please forward widely:

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