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Liberal MP Justin Trudeau's outburst in the Commons

By André R. Gignac
Posted Dec 14, 2011 in Politics
"Oh, you piece of s..." Justin Trudeau was heard saying in the direction of Environment Minister Peter Kent during Question Period in the House of Commons.
Justin Trudeau  as can be seen on his site.
Justin Trudeau, as can be seen on his site.
Everyone, of course, especially on the press gallery, couldn't help it but remind us of the "fuddle duddle" of Trudeau père. But no, the young MP from Papineau stood up afterwards and apologized for having "lost his cool".
In any event, Justin Trudeau's outburst came after Peter Kent complained that NDP MP Megan Leslie did not understand anything about the Kyoto Protocol and was not present at the Durban Conference.
First: To complain about the MP's absence was far from becoming, since the Conservatives had made sure that no MP who was not a member of the government would be allowed in the delegation at the Durban Conference.
Second: It was quite a show that minister Kent put on the other day, when he explained Canada's withdrawal of the Kyoto Protocol as a way to save billions of dollars to the Canadian taxpayers. In fact, this withdrawal will save billions... to the corporations which are making, well, billions of dollars in profits from their dirty work in the tar sands of Alberta.
Mr. Kent did not explain either that one reason why Canada had to withdraw was because the country painted itself in a corner by not only defaulting on its obligations to cut emissions by 6%, but rather by said emissions increasing by a whopping 30%.
There are various ways in which some people can make other people lose their cool.