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What's next for Miss Congeniality Sophie LaBoissonniere?

By André R. Gignac
Posted Dec 14, 2011 in Odd News
Want to become popular? Have your name splashed all over the place? Then forget about pageants, just join a riot! The young Canadian beauty Sophie LaBoissonniere, 20, did just that when a crowd went crazy last year in Vancouver following the loss of the Stanley Cup by the Vancouver Canucks. Last Wednesday, she was among the first to appear in court on charges of participating in a riot and break and enter. Suddenly, her name is all over the place, in national newspapers , on television and, of course, on YouTube.
The thing is, once it is all over, once she pays her dues, the young lady from Richmond, BC, who this year won the title of Miss Congeniality at a Vancouver Pageant, will be nothing less than a star. So what's next? Television appearances, first to make public apologies, then to go on hosting a show? That would be the Canadian equivalent of the Lindsay Lohans and Charlie Cheens of this world. Mind you, they are not doing so bad, after all.
In her Blogger profile, she writes that she loves "... people see me exude my confidence by being myself". Yep, she certainly did.
- andré r. gignac