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Tim's Top Ten of 2011, So Far

By Tim O'Brien
Posted Dec 12, 2011 in Entertainment
Tim's Take ...
...emptying the inbox
... The American Film Institute (AFI) has checked in with their ten best films and I must say, it echoes my list a great deal. Here they are: "Bridemaids," "The Descendants," "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo," "The Help," "Hugo," "J. Edgar," "Midnight in Paris," "Moneyball," "Tree of Life" and "War Horse."
... meanwhile, the L.A. film critics always throw a curve along the way and they did it this year with actress. They went with "The Descendants" for best picture and, in a surprise, went with Yun Jung-Hee for actress.
.. Boston went with "The Artist" and I forget to mention that the film was not eligible for the AFI team, just like "The King's Speech" last year.
...the Screen Actor's Guild will announce their nominees Wednesday (Dec. 14). they are a better barometer of late than the Golden Globes. One main reason is the Globes have a comedy category and that tends to get the hopes up for more people. Could that trend of comedy getting ignored fall by the wayside this year come Oscar time with "Bridesmaids"?
... there is still an idea out there that Meryl Streep has won so many awards that it is tiring. Won? Nope. She has been nominated for many Oscars but has won two. For the amount she has been nominated, I should say only ttwo. So far, as the award season plays out, she is getting ignored again.
... more on Meryl. I would have to say, at this point, she is NOT the front-runner. That would be Kirsten Dunst or Michele Williams, and then Meryl. And then there will be the surprise, and perhaps, upset in the making with Tilda Swinton.
... oh, by the way, here are my best of 2011, with "War Horse" left to see. All the others are in the books.
* "The Artist" - - "My Week With Marilyn" - - "The Help" - - "Harry Potter" - - "Martha Marcy May Marlene" - - "The Descendants" - - "Midnight in Paris" -- "Tree of Life" - - "Meloncholia" - - "J. Edgar" - - OTHERS: "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo," "50/50" and "Young Adult." NOTE: "Hugo" shines and we will see about "Tinton." Plus, as noted, "War Horse" yet to be seen but should rise high after, so stay tuned. One more note. I will once again be in Hollywood for the Oscars, so check here for updates as we progress in this award season.

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