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$10 million for two giant pandas!

By Caroline Vimla
Posted Dec 5, 2011 in World
I felt a tinge of sadness in my heart when I read about the two pandas, Tian Tian (Sweetie) and Yang Guang (Sunlight), who have been sold by China to Scotland. They were moved 5000 miles from their native place, Ya’an reserve in Chengdu, China, to Edinburgh Zoo.
They would probably never see their real home, China. ever again in this lifetime.
I have never liked zoos. Whatever excuses given to justify the existence of zoos from conserving endangered species to helping them breed and saving them from poachers, it finally just narrows down to one thing ~ making money by using animals to entertain the human species.
What is it that humans obtain by watching animals in enclosures? Who are we to decide
"what is best' for animals?
If I were a panda, I would rather risk my life being in my natural habitat than be transported thousands of miles away from my homeland. But then, do Sweetie and Sunlight have a say in the matter...
All the best to Sweetie and Sunlight...I suppose no one would ever really know how they feel about the whole thing and how traumatized they are.
Anyone interested in the details of this fantastic transaction , please click on this link:

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