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Reality about Shahadat of Hazrat Hussain at Karbla

By Muhammad Yaqoob
Posted Dec 5, 2011 in
Aa oozo Billa hi Minashaitua Nirajeem;
Bismillah Hirahma Nirahim.
Allah Tala Said; those who killed in the way of Allah Tala are live not dead but you cannot know (understand).
Allah tala also said; O people who believe we will test you by fear, hunger, poorness and taking life back. And good news is for those who be patience in difficult time.
Dear Brothers, sisters and friends, you all are aware of the incidence of Shahadat of Hazrat Husain Razi Allah Tala Anhu on 10th of Mohram at Karbala. But most of the stories every one hearing now a days (from Zakrin) are not true. All these stories are fabricated to overcome and push back to ignorance Shahadat of other sahaba karam and important events of islam ie. Shahadat of Hazrat Hamza (RATA) uncle of Nabi Akram Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH), Hazrat Sumaya 1st woman given her life for Islam where she was killed by kufar e Makka who tie her legs in 2 ropes and pull both the ropes to opposite side with the help of 2 horses, which divided here into two parts, Hazrat Umar’s Shahadat who was killed by a Irani Majoosi in Fajjir prayer, Shahdat of Hazrat Usman, Shahadat of Hazrat Ali, Shahadat of Hazrat Hussain, Shuhda e Badar, Shuda e Khandaq, Shuda e Uhd, Shuda e Tabook, Shuda e Yarmook, Hijrat e Madina, Hijrat e Habsha, Shahadat of Hazrat Zainab (Daughtere of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH), Fateh e Makka, War with Munkarin e Zakat etc.
Lies in these stories.
I am going to tell you few lies mostly told in these fabricated stories.
1. Mostly in these stories it has been told that Hazrat Sakeena daughter of Hazrat Hussain (RATA) was 6 years old to make people feel pity and start weaping, but actually at that time she was 25 years old. And also it is told that she come out to Hazrat Hussain when he was going to die and lot of fabricated dialogue among all the Shuhda e Karbla. But I believe that daughter of Hazrat Imam Hussain cannot come out side. This dialogue is told in such a way as zakir was present there. If for example we accept this then what he (zakir) was doing there.
2. The Persian verses (Din Ast Hussain, Din Pahah Ast Hussain, etc) are mostly read in these fabricated stories and considered that these are from Hazrat Moin ud Din Chisti but actually these are from Moin ud din Kashfi (shea) of Lakhnou India.
3. One story is told regarding Hazrat Sughra and her illness and dialogue in lellers with Hazrat Imam Hussain who was left in Madina due to illness. But actually there was no such daughter of Hazrat Imam Hussain.
4. In these fabricated stories those people are cursed which have no link to the Shahadat of Hazrat Imam Hussain and died lot of years before the Shahadat of Hazrat Imam Hussain. Following people are mostly cursed in these stories.
a. Hazrat Abu Bakkar (RATA)
b. Hazrat Umar (RATA)
c. Hazrat Usman (RATA)
d. Hazrat Movia (RATA). He is cursed more than any other Sahaba. As Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said “All my Sahaba are like stars and you will be on the right path following any of them. Hazrat Hussan (RATA) sent a message to Hazrat Movia (RATA) after 6 months of his Khilafat as per (Rijalkashi by Alama Kashi page 101 published in iran) and (Hayat ul Qaloob by Mulla Baqir Majlsi). In this message he said I want to settle dispute with you and want to accept you as Khalifa. So Hazrat Movia (RATA) signed on a blank page as agreement and sent it to Hazrat Hassan saying to write his terms which he wants then he will come Koofa where you will have to accept him as Khalifa infront of all the people of Koofa. But Hazrat Hassan (RATA) written only one term, ie you will have to rule like Hazrat Abu Bakar (RATA) and Hazrat Umar (RATA). He also said that you don’t need to come to Koofa, I will come to Damishq and accept you as Khalifa and bayat on your hand. So Hazrat Hassan (RATA) comes to Damishq along with Hazrat Hussain (RATA) and other people of koofa. In Jamia Masjid of Damishq Hazrat Hassan (RATA) and Hazrat Hussain (RATA) and all their companions Bayat on the hand of Hazrat Movia (RATA). Then all the people said prayer behind Hazrat Movia (RATA). So you imagine What will be the status of Hazrat Movia (RATA) who was accepted as Khalifa by Both Hazrat Hassan (RATA) and Hazrat Hussain (RATA).
e. Hazrat Aisha (RATA)
f. And some other sahaba karam.
5. It is also told in these fabricated stories that Hazrat Imam Hussain was against Hazrat Yazid because he was keeping horses in Masjid Nabvi, His soldiers raped 1000 girls and 1000 harami born and lot of such stories. But all such stories are fabricated because at that time lot of Sahaba were alive and there were no one with Hazrat Imam Hussain to help him in this war, why???????????????????? At that time Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Umar (RATA), Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Abbas (RATA), Hazrat Abu Saeed Khudri (RATA), Hazrat Abu Wasif Lasi (RATA), Hazrat Numan Ibn Bashir (RATA), Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Jaffar (RATA), Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Jabir (RATA) etc were alive, why they have accepted all such wrong things of Yazid. If we accept all this then its mean all these Jalil Ul Qadar Sahaba were Baghairat. As once in a speech Hazrat Umar (RATA) at the time of his Khilafat asked all the Sahaba that if you see me doing something against the sharea then what you will do? Do you accept? Then there were silence, everyone was shocked to hear this from Hazrat Umar (RATA), then one poor Sahabi stand from last line and said I swear to Allah Tala that my sword which I used to cut the Islamic Enemies will cut your neck. Its mean everything was according to Islam but difference between Hazrat Imam Husain (RATA) and Yazid (RATA) was Khilafat. Hazrat Hussain (RATA) left Makka at 8th Zilhija along with 60 peoples of Koofa (who come to makka to take him with them to Koofa), all the Sahaba ie Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Umar (RATA), Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Abbas (RATA), Hazrat Abu Saeed Khudri (RATA), Hazrat Abu Wasif Lasi (RATA), Hazrat Numan Ibn Bashir (RATA), Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Jaffar (RATA), Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Jabir (RATA) try to stop him saying do not believe peoples of Koofa who have already killed Hazrat Ali (RATA) and Hazrat Hassan (RATA), Koofa’s peoples do not know to keep promise. But Hazrat Hussain did not accept and said I have thousands of letters of koofa’s people so I have to go. Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Jaffir who was the husband of Hazrat Zainab (RATA) try to stop his wife Hazrat Zainab (RATA) but she did not accept so he devours her and she went with her brother. On the way to Koofa at one place Karwan come across to trope of Ibn Saad who stopped the Karwan of Hazrat Hussain and asked where are you going and why. Hazrat Imam Hussain (RATA) told him that his Karwan is going to Koofa on the invitation of Koofa’s people. Then Ibn Saad asked the names of the people who wrote the lettles. Hazrat Imam Hussain told the names of some of the leaders of Koofa. Then Ibn Saad said that some of those leaders are in my trope, its mean these are with me and he asked those leaders regarding the letters and all the leaders refused that they have not sent any letter to Hazrat Imam Hussain (RATA). After listening this Hazrat Imam Hussain realize that people of Koofa have cheated him to Kill him and his companions, so he present three terms to Ibn Saad (as per all the Islamic history books) which are as below.
a. Let me go back to Makah. Or
b. Send me to the boundaries of Islam to fight with enemies of Islam get the Shahadat. Or
c. Take me to Hazrat Yazid (RATA). He is my cousin and I want to Bayat on his hand and want to accept him as Khalifa.
Ibn Saad accepted 3rd term and Karwan of Hazrat Imam Hussain along with trope of Ibn Saad turned to Damishq (Rulling city of Hazrat Yazid (RATA). 60 People of Koofa coming with Hazrat Imam Hussain (RATA) and koofa’s leaders present in the trope of Ibn saad were also along with them and thinking that if Hazrat Imam Hussain (RATA) reached Damishq to Hazrat Yazid (RATA) along with our letters then Yazid (RATA) will not spare them, he will kill all of them on this conspiracy. So they decided to kill Hazrat Imam Hussain and his companions and burn the letters suddenly. And when the Karwan stayed at Karbla to have rest all the Koofa’s people suddenly attacked at the time of asar 10th of Mohram and killed every one who come in front of them and also fired Khaimas (shelters) to burn the letters. This process of Killing Hazrat Imam Hussain (RATA) last for 2 to 3 hours and 72 people incuding Hazrat Imam Hussain, his brothers, sons and nephews were killed but Allah has saved Hazrat zain ul abdin. It was not a planned war as told in fabricated stories. If it was planned war whom people have even killed small kid Hazrat Ali Asghar, why they have left Hazrat Zain Ul Abdin as an eye witness. In the fabricated stories lot of dialogues between all the Shuhda e Karbla and womens of Ahl e Bait are told to the people are the not more than lie. For example lot of dialogues mentioned by Hazrat Zainab (RATA) but I believe that she was the daughter of Hazrat Fata (RATA) who said to Hazrat Ali (RATA) while dyeing “My Janaza should be lift in the night that nobody can see my dead body as no one has seen me in my life except you. I believe she can die but cannot open her hairs, cannot mourn as being told in stories, cannot talk to ghair mehram people.
Evidence of Killing of Hazrat Imam Hussain (RATA) by Koofa’s People.
As per (Jila Ul Ayon of Mulla Baqir Majlsi and kashaf ul Uma by Arb ali) That people of Koofa passed from bazaar crying and mourning. Then Hazrat Zain Ul Abdin (RATA) was ill and on the bed when he listen voices of the people crying and mourning he asked what is going on in the Bazar, he was told that people of Koofa are weaping and mourning on the Shahadat of your father Hazrat Hussain (RATA). Hazrat Zain Ul Abdin (RATA) asked if people of Koofa are weaping and mourning then who is the Murderer of my father and his companions.
Also as per above mentioned books Hazrat Zainab (RATA) being an eye witness came into the tarries(Balcony) and given a speech, in which she said (You (Koofa’s people) invited my father, You have killed my father, and now you are crying, weeping and mourning, why?????????????
Who were killed along with Hazrat Imam Hussain (RATA)
Those 72 people who were killed by Koofa’s people were brothers of Hazraz Imam Hussain, Sons of Hazrat Imam Hussain, Nephews of Hazrat Imam Hussain. Following are the Names of the brothers of Hazrat Imam Hussain (RATA)
1. Muhammad ibn al-Hanafia
2. Muhammad al-Asghar
3. Muhammad il-Awsat
4. Abbas “abul-fazil”
5. Abbas al-Asghar
6. Jafar al-Akbar
7. Jafar al-Assghar
8. Abdullah il-Asghar
9. Abdullah il-Akbar
10. Abdullah “Abi Ali”
11. Uthman al-Asghar
12. Uthman al-Akbar
13. Umar al-Akbar
14. Umar al-Asghar.
15. Abu Bakr ibn Ali
16. Al-Hussain
17. Awn
Hazrat Imam Hussan RATA children, as found in Shaykh Mufid’s book (Kitab al-Irshad, pp.289-290)
1. Zayd
2. Qasim
3. Abdullah
4. Umm Abdullah
(all are names of the Prophet’s sons)
5. Ruqayya
6. Fatima
7. Fatima
(all are names of the Prophet’s daughters)
8. Umm Salama
(name of the Prophet’s wife)
9. Umm al-Hasan
10. Umm al-Husayn
11. Hasan
12. Husayn
(all are names of Prophet’s grandsons)
13. Talha
(This child’s mother was Umm Ishaq, the daughter of Talha ibn Ubayd-Allah; in other words, this child too was named after his grandfather, keeping in line with the idea that the Ahlel Bayt named their family after loved ones and revered personas.)
14. Abdur-Rahman
15. Umar
(the names of the Ashara Mubash Shararah, i.e. the ten highest ranking of the Sahabah who were promised Paradise)
Husayn ibn Ali, named his children as follows (Kitab al-Irshad, p.379)
1. Ali
2. Ali
(Are the Shia perplexed as to whom these two sons were named after?)
3. Fatima
(the name of the Prophet’s daughter)
4. Abdullah
5. Abdullah
6. Abdullah
(the name of the Prophet’s son)
7. Sukayna
8. Abbas
(the name of the Prophet’s uncle)
9. Abu Bakr
10. Uthman
(the name of the second and third Caliph)

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