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DEC. 01: Newsworthy & Noteworth... Kinda-Sorta

By Sean McCaffrey
Posted Dec 2, 2011 in Politics
Let me begin by saying that 60-Minutes is not the same without Andy Rooney. I miss his curmudgeon-ness, and the curmudgeon-y mood his ramblings, grumblings and musings would put me in. Let me also say this: I am not Andy Rooney. There is/was only one, and can be no other. But with him in mind, surprisingly often these days, a few things have been on my mind.
I’m a fan of the Oregon Ducks. The mighty quack-attack. With two losses this season, I concede we have no business even wishing for a spot in any national championship game. However, to all SEC-haters out there, I share this with the hope you may find some solace: I guarantee an SEC team will lose the national championship this year.
Until recently, I was pleasantly unaware of Conrad Murray. Now that he has been inflicted on me during dinner-time news, my question is this: at what point in history did we become a nation which sends people to prison for accidentally stopping pop stars from molesting more children? An honorary Grammy might be too much, but given the outrage over the Penn State business, I think we need a consistent policy regarding how we treat the people surrounding pedophiles.
This brings me to Penn State. Let’s leave the Socratic Method for the classroom, not the showers… m’kay?
I hope, by the way, I haven’t offended anyone yet. For the most part, my goal has been to entertain and mildly amuse. For offense, just look toward Congress. Only in Washington, DC… and there, only in the vaunted, marble halls of Congress, would 535 elected officials actually consider it necessary to pass legislation specifically making it illegal for Members of Congress to commit insider trading.
No, no, you read that right the first time.
Because laws that apply to you and me apparently don’t apply to Members of Congress, it has now become necessary for the passage of criminal legislation to help keep our elected representatives and senators in Washington from knowingly, intentionally breaking the law. And this one is a whopper: Members of Congress (and I won’t say who, Nancy Pelosi, et al), have been trading stocks based in part of what they believe will happen to companies and industries once they (Congress) initiate investigations or hearings.
Here is the kicker: how many congressional hearings have intentionally been called by Members of Congress specifically for the purpose of artificially inflating or devaluating a company’s stock? That would be some fantastic information to have prior to the next elections.