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Abused pit bull Champ in danger of death

By Ernest Dempsey
Posted Nov 19, 2011 in World
Yet another pit bull abused and now facing possible death. This one’s in Texas, US. He is called Champ and is the survivor of a brutal physical beating by his owner who now faces charges of cruelty to animals. Champ was punched fists on his face and was left cut and bleeding. He was saved after the neighbors reported his beating at the hands of his owner. The Harlingen Humane Society in Texas placed him in quarantine in their shelter. But his life is far from safe.
The shelter’s rules don’t allow giving pit bulls to general public for adoption, no matter how much they are willing to help (and there are dozens of people who are ready to adopt Champ). As the video shows, they require a rescue organization to adopt the dog or what they call ‘specialized handlers’. If he is not adopted soon after his quarantine expires, he will likely be put down. Waiting for his second chance at life, he sits quietly behind the bars in the shelter, watching the people who will decide his fate. His innocent eyes show a glimpse of the abuse he suffered, but he is of a kind that trusts and remains loyal to those who feed him and care for him.
As the shelter’s manager admits in this video, it is negative media coverage of pit bulls that is largely responsible for the enactment of such laws as they currently have in some states. The manager tells that Champ has been a real good guy there at the shelter, just like other dogs of his breed. He says the shelter too wants to have him a second chance at life.
What can we do to save Champ? Well, first go and follow his Facebook page. Contact media persons as well as share Champ’s story on your blogs and social networking pages. And if anyone knows anyone in any animal rescue organization, please contact them soon. And follow the wonderful reporter Ryan Wolf who is covering the story for every update available on Champ’s situation.
Champ has been through a lot. He doesn’t deserve to die but has every right to live and be loved and looked after. Let us give him this chance.
Thank you!
Update: Petition for Champ
A petition has been launched at to save Champ from death place him in safe care. Please take a minute to go to the petition page and sign it. Of this moment, the petition has already received 1650 signatures. The target number of signatures, i.e. 2000, is not that far. Be part of this struggle to save Champ from death.