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All You Need Is Perry

By Jesse Rutigliano
Posted Nov 17, 2011 in Politics
The tenth G.O.P debate that took place at Oakland university on the 9th of November was one for the more cynical, skeptical and intelligent voters to really pay attention to. The debate was of course based around the primary candidacy criteria of the economy.
Herman Cain’s highlights consisted of letting Italy fail and focusing on the U.S economy, calling his accusations of sexual harassment “unfounded” and claiming the press was aiding “character assassination.” He reiterated his 9-9-9 fiscal policy as a sound policy the country needs.
Mitt Romney concurred with Cain’s remarks about Italy and the eurozone, stating ” Italy and Europe have a big enough economy to sort out their own problems.” Romney was his ever eloquent self, showing off his profound knowledge of business and accusing the Obama administration of “not liking business, they want jobs but don’t like businesses.”
Michele Bachmann gave viewers a sense of deja vu with reference to her repeal of Obamacare and building fences on the souther borders of the country to curve immigration problems.
Jon Huntsman Jr. was focusing on reforms channeled at the six “too big to fail” banks across the U.S., However, without a doubt the main attraction of the debate was if Rick Perry would give another of his un-lettered responses or even better forget what he was saying all together. The latter happened in the worst possible fashion.
When Governor Perry was explaining the three agencies of government he would do away with when voted in as president, (don’t hold your breath) he couldn’t remember the third at all. “commerce, education and uh, what’s the third one there?” There was a funny moment when Perry deferred to Ron Paul for help and he made the gesture of five “there’s five.” Governor Perry then went over his notes when asked to name the third and he said “I can’t, oops.”
With a display like the one on Wednesday night, the garrulous Rick Perry is in a world of trouble. The debate showed that the front runners remain Mitt Romney, Herman Cain and slight trailer, Ron Paul. The upside for Rick Perry is he has another fifteen debates to resurrect his campaign.
The next debate is tomorrow (19th, November) in Iowa. Participants include: Bachmann, Cain, Gingrich, Huntsman, Paul, Perry, Santorum. Romney unconfirmed

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