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Sam Kinison

By gloria scott
Posted Nov 11, 2008 in
Well for those who have the habbit of watching standup comedies then people like George Carlin and Sam Kenison must be familiar names. Samuel "Sam" Burl Kinison (1953 –1992) was an American stand-up comedian and actor. I have only watched one of the stand up comedies of Sam Kenison- Break the rules. He was a preacher initially who turned out to be a comedian. One of the most predominant things that i see in comedies is that he makes a blasphemy about the god and religious crap. One of the trademarks of sam's comedies were his wild and the roaring way he screams while making some kind of joke! One searching more stuff about kenison in the internet i also came to know that he was a heavy metal comedian. Phewwww i couldn't hear even a single song completely.. Apart from having a lure to alcohol and drugs sam lead a peaceful and sober life. I particularly find it interesting to read about his death time incident, where his car met with an accident against a drunken driver and sam along with his friends were injured in the accident. After the accident one of his friends who were with him (J.J. Wall and Carl LaBove), carl reported that sam while waiting for an help suddenly started to speak to him saying "No no... not now" and then after a while "No not yet!"... And then at last before dying "Ok ok " Some interpret this to be some kind of crap that he was trying to talk to god and hence is now in heaven living happily over there!!..
Apparently when Sam had the accident, I heard he got out of the car and look up to the heavens and said, 'I don't want to die,' and then just said, 'Oh, okay,' and laid down and died. It sounds crazy and will probably offend a lot of my fans, but I believe there's a higher power. Some people may think Sam Kinison's in one place, but I know where he is: He's upstairs; he's next to God.
-Ozzy Osbourne
Sam Kinison was absolutely fearless. He was like a comedy combination of Chuck Yeager and Evel Kneivel. Most people go to the edge and then stop. Not Sam. He'd see the edge and then just keep going. And I think that scream he was famous for was just the sound he made on the way down.
-Robin Williams
This article is just aimed in remembrance to Sam Kenison.
Sam Kinison
Sam Kinison

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