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Changing the avatar- Me and Maurice

By Paul Wallis
Posted Nov 16, 2011 in Internet
So after four years I've changed my original Wanderlaugh avatar painting, The Singer, to the new one featuring myself and an authentic Torontonian moose, Maurice.
It was pointed out to me that my old avatar was practically invisible, which is sort of counterproductive for a painting, and it also occurred to me that having a moose in the picture could distract blame for the articles away from myself.
Maurice is the one with the antlers. I've tried growing antlers, tusks and a tail, but my hair said the antlers would interfere with its insect-catching, my dentist has reservations about tusks for some strange reason (in fairness, he'd get a hernia filling them) and growing a tail wasn't enough for me to qualify to become a grey squirrel.
The Singer
My avatar. It s called  The Singer
I do actually look like this most of the time.
Paul Wallis
Ah well. You can decide which looks better. The joke is that I really do look like this picture after (and sometimes during) an intense night.