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Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, Part 2; a strange video going viral

By David Silverberg
Posted Nov 16, 2011 in
Going viral this week is an odd little video about an odd little animated shell. The sequel to Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, this one follows the quirky observations of Marcel, a small shell who answers questions from an off-camera man.
In the first vid, we learned what Marcel does for adventure ("I hand-glide on a Dorito") and why he's afraid to drink soda because he's worried he'll float up to the ceiling.
Now Marcel is back, telling us about riding on the back of an insect, his fondness for a nickname ("Ace") and how he turns the pages of a book by running on the text.
He also said, "I used to have a sister...Someone asked her to hold a balloon."
This time, Marcel is a bit more active, physically - he runs away from a barking dog and types on a notebook PC.
So far, this short vid, uploaded yesterday, has attracted 647,000 views. The previous video accumulated 12 million views.
This animated series is directed by writer/director Dean Fleischer-Camp and writer/actress Jenny Slate (of Saturday Night Live fame). Slate's voice, unaltered, is the voice of Marcel. The first Marcel video was an official selection of the 2011 Sundance Film Festival.
What do you think of the second video starring this precocious shell?