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A moment in time...

By David Rendimonti
Posted Nov 14, 2011 in Lifestyle
Love of My Life (LOML) and I have always been firm about the kids not sleeping in our bed. It’s a habit we didn’t want to create for selfish reasons. We like our sleep.
Like all good things, there are always exceptions to the rule especially so in times of need. The other night was one of these times. Our youngest was awakened in the middle of the night with an ear ache. It’s tough to hear your little ones suffering from pain and distress. As a parent, it’s one of the worst sounds you can hear.
A Pavlovian response was immediately engaged by the crying...must - stop - pain! Bottle number one of pain reliever was empty. No problem. Bottle number two was empty too. A problem. There was no bottle number three. A big problem. It’s important to note when faced with a big problem sound seems to amplify, especially so in the middle of the night.
Before sound can pass on to the inner ear, the total pressure must be amplified. Crying does this very well. This amplification is enough to deliver a message to the inner ear, where it is translated into nerve impulses the brain can understand.
“Hi Dave.”
“It’s your brain speaking.”
“The insanity of the moment you are experiencing can be easily managed by a twenty four hour pharmacy.”
An so off I went into the still of the night. The fellow at the pharmacy smiled. I presented myself with three bottles of pain reliever and a pillow-coiffed hairdo - he understood what was happening. He was pleasant, encouraging and fast. An angel of mercy.
Back home and all getting better. Back to bed.
I know if the children want to sleep in our bed then I don’t get any sleep. They toss and turn and relentlessly search for heat. I am the radiator they so desperately seek. They never stop moving.
Something different happened the other night. Little one settled in to a deep slumber. I suppose she was exhausted by her ordeal. As she snuggled in beside me her hand found its way to my head just above my ear. Her finger caressed my hair. She was soothing herself to sleep.
I remember her addiction to her soothers when she was just a baby. Getting her off was interesting work and LOML had a stroke of genius when she offered that we could mail them to other girls who needed them more. She agreed and never looked back.
This one night, I suppose, brought us back together to our early days of dad and baby girl. I didn’t sleep at all this night and loved every moment. I wondered if this was the last time I would get this chance.
Like many dads, I want my girls to grow up to be strong, confident and healthy women that inspire the world for positive change...but not too quickly.

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