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Who finds a friend...finds a treasure!

By Monica Zapponi
Posted Nov 13, 2011 in Lifestyle
Today more than ever this sentence best expresses the importance of a person who can truly be called "friend". How much has this concept been undervalued? I believe too much!Friendship is a relationship almost comparable to family ties, sometimes even more profound, sincere and intense than "blood ties". A friend is very different from a mere acquaintance, but we often hear "I have lots of friends!" ,confusing two types of relationships that could not be further apart. A friend knows the most intimate part of your personality, do not need words to understand your mood, seizes what you're thinking at a glance. A friend helps you without expecting anything in return but only to show you the great affection he feels for you with a simple gesture; a friend will not betray you and always tells you the truth even when it hurts. A friend is always with you when you need help, at that very moment in which all the acquaintances who profess to be your friends and proclaim their affection are not willing to prove it with facts. A friend is really a brother, a sister, a shoulder to cry on and someone with whom you can enjoy and grow, knowing that you will never be alone. How important is a friend in ours lives!
Personally I had the fortune to meet in my life some people who have accompanied me for years; I can really call them friends,even if at the present time certain events and different ways of understanding some aspects have caused a shift away that I hope will be quite temporary and the relationship that held the group united for a long time can be reconfirmed. After all, what would we do without friends? Loves come and go, friends are forever .. In this regard I would like to quote a sentence by which I was particularly struck,taken from "Northanger Abbey" by J. Austen: " Friendship is certainly the balm that can heal pangs of disappointed love "...

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