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Owning The Oil Companies — Occupy Christmas Is Here

By Tim O'Brien
Posted Nov 9, 2011 in Business
As the occupy movement sees no sign of slowing down, I wondered what they want for Christmas. Then it hit me: forget the warmth of "A Charlie Brown Christmas" and him lamenting about the commercialization of it, why not occupy it?
And they will with this new special: "Occupy Christmas, Charlie Brown."
Meanwhile, I have been told by those who know that in Oakland, some protested quite madly about the banks and Wells Fargo, then, later on, opened up an account at said bank.
Now, the oil companies: This Sonecon study was released and ignored, for the most part but thanks to for reminding us: the study found that corporate management owns 2.8 percent of shares in those oil companies, while almost half – 48.9 percent – are owned by individuals, either through pension funds (31.2 percent) or Individual Retirement Accounts (17.7 percent).
The remaining shares are owned by asset management companies – mutual funds – which account for 20.6 percent, and by institutional investors (6.6 percent).