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How do moms know?

By David Rendimonti
Posted Nov 7, 2011 in Lifestyle
To get your driver’s license is one of the first big tastes of freedom a young hormone fueled young man can have - “I am outta here, hello world here I come!” Humility brings you back to earth when you have to ask Dad to borrow the car and have to be back by eleven. Oh well.
I couldn’t get my license fast enough. It wasn’t that easy. First you had to write a Ministry of Transportation test to certify to become a driver trainee. This is a little like riding a bike with training wheels. The learner’s permit required you to be accompanied by a fully licensed driver during this apprenticeship - usually Mom or Dad. It is the human equivalent of a dog collar and leash. The ‘leash’, or learner’s permit in this case, was affectionately know as a ‘365’. That is, your time as a trainee had to last a minimum of three hundred and sixty-five days. The horror! One year. The humanity!
I must have put ten thousand miles on the car driving up and down the driveway - thirty feet at a time. The agonizing burn of waiting was only soothed by infrequent adventures behind the wheel. Hope was buoyed when friends achieved their nirvana. Being born in the late summer was a bummer at times like this.
The day arrived and it was time to take the road test. Mom drove me north to the adjacent town where the Ministry office was located. I was nervous. Mom was so relaxed. As we arrived to the front door and before entering Mom paused and asked me to wait.
She pulled out a shining silver pen. My lucky pen! I began to relax and didn’t know why. She was amazing. How did she know? I asked ‘Love of My Life’ (LOML) about this motherly phenomenon of soothing love and affection. “How do you have this effect on the kids?”, I asked
Her answer was simple - “Because I’m their mom, I don’t know, you just know.” I got the look of don’t bug me and find your own material for your blog.
Of course I know. It’s described in all that moms do - love, dedication, and support. It is borne of the understanding that mom is there for you - no matter what and when you need them most. Mom makes you feel like you’re the only thing that is important in her life at that moment. You feel special and safe. I think the difference in how moms and dads are seen by kids is this - while kids love and sometimes idolize their dads they adore their moms. I see this today in the relationship between the girls and LOML.
I continue to speak about incredible people, my heroes, who have shaped my life the most and how they have all had to go through rough journeys only to endure a tough journey. Their biographies when distilled into my essence effect my ‘herography’. That is, my life story.
This was another one of these stories - about my mom, who has taught me how to love.
Post script 1: Thanks again Mom, I love you.

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