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Someone forgot to send Victor Conte the “Memo”

By Keith Terceira
Posted Nov 2, 2011 in Sports
Let’s see, where to begin, “The pot calling the kettle black” or “People in glass houses”.
Can’t decide which fits better in this case but the evidence seems to point to boxing is now officially the resting place for ex-steroid dealers and drug cheats.
First Ex-Balco boy Victor Conte and now “Memo” Heredia has taken up residence in the sweet science, it’s as if the FBI has used boxing as its witness protection program.
Victor Conte in an interview with outed Marquez strength and conditioning coach Angel Hernandez as truly being Angel “Memo” Heredia, who turned states witness during a 2008 trial regarding selling PED’s to athletes.
“This Heredia story is certainly no surprise to me. He was the government's star witness in BALCO doping cases against track stars including Marion Jones. Angel was at the top of the food chain in the drug distribution case against Jones' coach Trevor Graham. The feds rolled him over on everybody involved in the case including several world champions and Olympic medalists. Bottom line.”
Bottom line is that “ Memo” and Conte have a history and its name is Balco, so outing the Team Marquez member to the public had a special place in Victor Conte’s agenda. A get even type of exposure it would appear because further in the interview Conte informs readers.
“We both know people from the dark side of sport and I'm certainly suspicious of his current activities. I also understand that many may feel the same way about me. However, there is a simple and basic difference. I chose to accept full responsibility for my very serious mistakes. I also chose not co-operate in the prosecution of any others involved and I served my time in prison. Memo made a different choice.
“He decided to become a puppet for famed BALCO investigator Jeff Novitzky and provide extensive evidence and testimony against a long list of his athlete clients. But who knows. Maybe this Heredia and Marquez story will end up being helpful in bringing more attention to boxing's serious need for effective drug testing.”
So Conte admits he choose not to co-operate with government officials and in the same breathe tries to tell us he took responsibility for his actions. Conte is so worried about steroids in sports, now , but before when he had the chance to clean up sports choose to keep his mouth shut like any good criminal and go to jail instead.
When Conte had the chance to do good he choose like all other professional crooks to not be a “RAT” .
How commendable!
What is this a freakin schoolyard, our jails are full of guys that choose not to inform on their buddies and we the Tax payer foot the bill for their stupid criminal code of honor, and drugs continue to be a problem and get sold to our kids, whether it’s heroin or PED’s.
Now fighters, promoters, and taxpayers are going to be asked to foot the bill again so Victor Conte and Memo Heredia can start a new life with drug testing in boxing. If Victor Conte wants drug testing in boxing let him foot the entire bill and not dump it on the backs of hard working athletes and US tax payers.
Here is a thought, get rid of all the folks like Conte in sports when they are caught and we wouldn't need testing!
Not co-operating with authorities was not taking responsibility it was protecting your buddies and yourself.
This whole issue is comical, like Jason outing Freddie Kruger for a sick psycho.
“In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is King”
One needs to wonder just what Conte’s motive is for pushing so hard that boxing have an Olympic style drug testing program. We do need to remember that many of the athletes that both Conte and Heredia worked with passed a great many tests before they failed one. That leads one to believe that some people know how to mask the PED’s, so to cheat the testing.
Wonder just who those people might be?
Someone forgot to send Conte the memo that all eyes are not only on Memo right now, they are on the messenger of doom as well!

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