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Master Jedi Yoda was right...

By David Rendimonti
Posted Oct 28, 2011 in Lifestyle
“Do or do not. There is no try”.
My pdoinkian adventure and journey through positive change began about fifteen months ago. Our vision was to create pdoink as an uncommonly optimistic company, built with exceptional design and supported by positive values. Driven by optimism, playfulness, and exploration, pdoink invents and and help others realize great stories that enable learning and enjoyment for positive change and self-development.
Our first product went into development less than a year ago. We launched with three Yogurt the Ogre titles within the past six months and now have six stories in the series complete and in stores. Our first digital application is in development and will be available before Christmas. A second series with a vintage cool ‘look and feel’ has been developed and will be ready for launch soon. Our products have been well received by kids and moms and teachers and Yogurt the Ogre has be recognized with a Moonbeam Children’s Book Gold Award. We’ve effectively created some great brands and partnerships with pdoink and Yogurt the Ogre and have many more activities and announcements coming soon.
So far, so good. Whew!
Do not let anyone tell you any differently, starting your own business is one heckofa journey. Imagine trying to breathe while you’re laying flat on your back and a very large sumo wrestler is standing on your chest. That’s the easy part. Now, try getting up. That is the secret to a startup. Always striving to be on your feet while remembering to breathe.
I’m not complaining, trying to freak you out or dissuade you from starting your own enterprise. It’s just that the best advice I ever heard regarding starting up your own business is “Don’t do it”. I believe this statement has more to do with testing your passion and resolve than anything else. Quite simply, if you are not ‘balls to the walls’ and ‘let me count the ways’ crazy in love with what you do, your chances of success are dramatically reduced.
It really has everything to do with persistence, purpose, passion and partnership. I’d even add an additional ‘persistence’ in there. Ah yes, the four Ps of entrepreneurship.
This is my two cents worth if your considering going out on your own...
Love what you do. Share your passion and vision with purpose and persistence. Never stop and never settle. Remember that your inspiration will champion hope and innovation.
Innovate. Change is constant, growth is optional. The next thing you do will define and shape the future or represent the past - you choose. Make sure you are the master of your design.
Think design. This really has everything to do with caring about your customer’s experience. Design and build the experience from the ground up. I’m not saying you have to listen to them all the time. What I am suggesting is to REALLY care about what the want, need and desire and exceed that expectation - every time! Give them a reason to fall in love with you and help you make a difference.
Make a difference with positive values and optimism. A couple of things will begin to happen - 1. You will look yourself in the mirror and smile, and 2. Others will want to join you on your journey.
It is wonderful and exhilarating.
And so, if you really want to start a company or project and initiative in your own company, listen to Yoda and do it...or don’t do it...just don’t ‘try’.
A few more words (and my best wishes) from Master Jedi Yoda to help you on your way to great health, prosperity and peace - “Always in motion is the future. May the Force be with you.”
Post script 1: pdo!nk is pronounced ‘pah- doingk’.
Post script 2: Change is constant, growth is optional.
Post script 3: Please visit our Web site at to find out all about us and what we do. We’re also on facebook.

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