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Do we have to choose between privacy and security?

By Leigh Goessl
Posted Oct 27, 2011 in Technology
It's been a while since I blogged, and it's my first time here on Digital Journal. Lately I've been revisiting the whole concept of privacy and security as it's one of those topics that weighs on my mind often enough.
The way I see it privacy and security are two values most people generally place a high level of importance on. As a whole, I think most people probably want to feel secure, but at the same time many probably still tightly cling to the levels of privacy they'd previously used to enjoy.
It could be suggested technology lies at the center of this tug of war between the two values. Some feel that abuse or misuse of technology is whittling away at personal freedoms, perhaps most in particular, privacy. Those who fall on the security side of the spectrum feel giving up levels of privacy is a necessary evil in order to stay safe in today's volatile world.
It's pretty much a given we have to trade off degrees of one value to get the benefits of the other. With these two values constantly at odds with one another, society often has to make some difficult choices to determine which value should be given priority.
According to a recent poll taken by the Associated Press which surveyed 1,000 Americans, "A majority of Americans say they're okay with sacrificing some privacy at airports and on the Metro, but not when it comes to their personal phone calls or emails."
News Now 9 also reported, "According to the poll, 64% of Americans concede that it is sometimes necessary to sacrifice personal freedoms to fight terrorism. But if they had to chose between the two, more than half say they would pick preserving their civil liberties."
Is it even possible to live in a world where privacy and security can co-exist peacefully? Or will one of the values have to eventually wipe out the other completely?

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