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Fluorescent dog biscuits and glow-in-the-dark doggy doo

By Johnny Summerton
Posted Oct 26, 2011 in Science
Could this be the answer to the horrors of stepping in doggy doo while potting your four-legged friend at night?
Fluorescent dog biscuits which, logically, glow in the dark when they come out of the other end.
They've apparently been on show for the past couple of months at Barcelona's Museum of Ideas & Inventions (Miba) which opened its doors earlier this year.
But recently they've made quite an impression at the 11th Annual British Invention Show & Awards which ran in London from 19-22 October.
It's a seemingly daft but perhaps brilliant idea and while admittedly they don't look (to us) especially appetising, surely most mutts often aren't that fussy about the appearance of what goes into their bowls (or mouths).

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