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Blogging life's blurs to open clear points

By Elizabeth Cunningham Perkins
Posted Oct 25, 2011 in Lifestyle
I'm only giving blogging here on DJ a whirl experimentally. I had been musing over switching my personal blogging here already, in the process of consolidating websites I participate on, and I almost decided against it when the system of points and badges began suddenly.
Still, I like to clarify my thoughts and feelings through blogging brief blurbs somewhere, about whatever is drawing my attention -- or capturing it, as this neighborhood has in recent years (as some of you have made a point to note). Soon I shall be free to gad about again, and a wider array of topics will preoccupy me, I expect.
For now shining Joe Pye Weed and shifting autumn leaves are my speed.
If others here on DJ get to know me better gradually in this process, I take it as a bonus, but the blogging is for my benefit, to clear up blurry areas of mind and heart. Since I never post without a pic or two, blogging here means uploading one to a few recently produced images for the record, and these might juxtapose blurriness and clarity (on purpose, or not).
Autumn leaves blur oranges  yellows and greens against a clear blue sky.
Autumn leaves blur oranges, yellows and greens against a clear blue sky.

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