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The outdoor rock garden will remain when I travel on

By Elizabeth Cunningham Perkins
Posted Oct 20, 2011 in
When the Tortoise Cat and I make our move westward next week, our outdoor rock garden (and "trespasser discourager") will remain. The ferns might grow back again next year and the wild violets and polygonum, considered invasive, noxious weeds, certainly will -- they appear indestructible.
The rock garden -- also a weed, driftwood and cracked pot garden -- will be left as an "installation" to disintegrate back into chaos gradually. Or the property management company or contractors could kick it aside more suddenly. Or another tenant might take over its upkeep.
I began keeping it four years ago, as recreation and as a way to inhabit the space around my back door, and to cut down on disturbances happening steadily so close by. Though I still complain about prowlers, the skinny rock garden I kept adding to stopped most of the traffic.
Cracked pots are a reoccurring theme in my life story. And rocks, weeds and driftwood are favorite natural, interactive sculptures -- a kind of outsider art, in my view.

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