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U.S. Vote Instructions • Our Endorsement

By Stuart Hutchison
Posted Nov 3, 2008 in Politics
Vote Dammit
Vote Dammit
G-Mo Design 2004
November 4th Americans begin to restore justice and reclaim democracy!
3 November 2008 — by Stuart Hutchison — Barack’s surrounded by many people who don’t have America’s best interests at heart, people with dazzling sharp teeth holding daggers behind their backs.
Hack Democracy
Hack Democracy
Black Box Voting
Only a massive turnout of voters can make stolen elections unlikely. When the number of people voting is really huge, the election thieves know Americans will be more likely to refuse to accept phony results. Until we get rid of electric vote machines and all voting is conducted by hand-counted paper ballots and we have a Voters’ Bill of Rights to protect democracy, the only hope for honest elections is by turning out the greatest number of votes in history.
4 minutes — Most of America
Exactly what to look for and video on Election Night to protect the count. While most people are out watching the VOTING, not nearly enough people are watching the COUNTING. Your patriotic services are badly needed. This video shows what happens to the vote data on its journey before results are reported.
9 minutes — Absentee & Central Count Locations
Heads up — this applies to key swing states Ohio, Florida and Colorado, and to almost all of Southern California, all of Oregon and Washington, and many other states. Shows what citizens and election workers can do to help protect vulnerable absentee and centrally counted ballots. Very difficult to protect.
7 minutes — New York
Black Box Voting gives you the inside scoop on New York-style vote counting — what's gone wrong in the past, how to watchdog it, what's in store for New Yorkers after this election.
5 minutes — New Hampshire / New England
Exactly what to do on Election Night and the day after if you live anywhere in New England. Contains footage that has never before been made public.
See Another Stolen Election #1
Another Stolen Election #2, and specially see
IF You Have Problems Voting CALL FREE Phone 866.698.6831, 877.523.2792, 866.687.8683
Report on New Jersey Vote Machines
• Our Endorsement’s No Surprise
We endorse the candidates of the U.S. Green Parties, CYNTHIA McKINNEY for PRESIDENT and Rosa Clemente for Vice President.
Cynthia McKinney
Cynthia McKinney
Cynthia McKinney
Since the tragic withdrawal of America’s most courageous congressman — Ohio’s gift to America — Dennis Kucinich, from the contest for the presidential nomination of the Democratic Party, the most persuasive progressive candidates remaining are Ralph Nader and Ms. McKinney. On balance, we believe Cynthia McKinney is the superior candidate.
Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente are women who have distinguished themselves in their work on behalf of progressive causes. The fact they are candidates of the Green Parties in the United States advocates strongly for their support, particularly because there is no evidence the leadership of the Democratic Party has any interest in breaking the chains of the Democratic Leadership Council, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the same multinational, transnational corporations which own the Republican Party. At the end of the day, the two parties that dominate the direction of our country are both in submission to single selfishness and compulsive greed, the power elite that brought us millions of lives killed in wars of imperial aggression, more than two-thirds of the people on our planet in dire poverty, and systems of government that permit justice and dignity only at their convenience.
We stipulate that Barack Obama is the better of John McCain, and that the Democratic Party candidates are generally better than the Republican candidates. Of course.
Here’s a profile in courage: on her last day in the House of Representatives, Congresswoman McKinney introduced her Bill to Impeach George Bush --- CLICK:
It’s a beautifully constructed resolution, absolutely in accord with Congressman Kucinich’s resolutions to impeach Bush and Cheney. The fact that spineless democrats refused to move on the bills to impeach further argues in support of Ms. McKinney’s candidacy, and that in turn argues importantly for your support for a new political party that will be dedicated first to peoples’ needs.
We believe the Democratic Party has failed the American people as much as the Republican Party has. When BushCo lied us to war against Iraq, almost all the democrats fell in line. The prevailing excuse even now is, “Well, if I knew then what I know now . . .” But it’s the job of congress to keep a skeptical eye on the executive branch, and the democrats failed miserably. They didn’t do their job. With notable exceptions of congress members Kucinich, the great Peter DeFazio of Oregon, Florida’s Robert Wexler and a few others, the democrats looked the other way when BushCo passed its criminal Patriot Act, when it violated our privacy with surveillance of phone calls and all emails, when it destroyed habeas corpus, decimated posse comitatus and introduced U.S. Army brigades onto American soil to be available for the control and detention of U.S. citizens, which is the jurisdiction of local and state authorities; the list can go on for pages.
The Democrats were given a resounding mandate in the 2006 congressional elections to stop the Iraq war and BushCo’s rogue criminal subversion of our Constitution, and even with a presidency plummeting to the lowest popularity ever recorded, the Democratic Party’s elected officials would not stand up to the thugs. We believe the reason that separates this Grand Canyon between rhetoric and reality is the fact that many high Democratic Party elected officials are in complicity with the neo-fascists.
We believe the Green Parties in the USA offer the best organizing capability to replace the Democratic Party with a real progressive party. That’s an especially important reason to vote for McKinney-Clemente. It won’t be easy. The Green Parties have been hamstrung by the same internal conflicts and — it has to be said, sorry — infiltration that have plagued the progressive movement generally and crippled the ability to achieve the level of growth that’s necessary to stand up to the people whose whole political reason for being is to suppress and oppress the people they claim they’re so devoted to serving.
Ms. McKinney’s had first-hand experience with a major league counter intelligence program designed to destroy her by undermining her credibility as the dedicated public servant she is. Some may remember the notorious incident on Capitol Hill in which a federal cop attempted to prevent Congresswoman McKinney from entering the House of Representatives because “he didn’t recognize her,” and that she was provoked into hitting the poor cop who saw her almost every day when Congress was in session.
If the impact weren’t so tragic in its media play, one would think this set up job was the work of a right wing, ethics-challenged screenwriter, but it really happened, and it really damaged Ms. McKinney politically — exactly what it was designed to do. Ms. McKinney is strong enough that she’s been able to flourish in her work since that “incident,” and she’s certainly well-acquainted with the kind of dirty tricks that come your way when you are committed to justice and dignity and decency above the all-mighty buck. She knows the enemy, a knowledge absolutely necessary in order to achieve victory for the people.
And Barack? To all who look to Barack Obama as the great hope for America, we wish you well and we have the same hope. He’s so intelligent, so immensely attractive, we all want him to be as wonderful as he presents himself.
The problem among many progressives is that repeating to ourselves that he only says some things to get elected, but once he’s in office, he will transform into the man we want him to be, is like hanging your coat on a toothpick. It might hold, but we sure wouldn’t bet the house on that.
• Just a few tics on the problem
Barack’s surrounded by many people who don’t have America’s best interests at heart, people with dazzling sharp teeth holding daggers behind their backs.
He says he’s opposed to partial birth abortion, three words conjured by rabid right wing advertising psychological warfare people, to describe a medical situation that doesn’t exist, but which has attained a mythological status of truth to buttress the campaign to make abortion illegal. We believe it’s a fundamental human principle that each person has the right to decide what to do with her body, and nobody’s got a right to impose on someone what she does with her body.
He says he supports clean coal technology and nuclear energy. Clean coal is another oxymoron invention from Mad Ave psyops; it doesn’t exist. And nuclear energy? Never cost effective, and ever hear of Three Mile Island? Ever read the book We Almost Lost Detroit?
He’s indicated he will reserve unto himself “the right” to strike militarily at a sovereign country, such as Pakistan or Iran. This is the preemptive doctrine of George Bush, good grief.
His primary foreign policy adviser, and the man who’s cultivated Barack for over 10 years, is Zbigniew Brzezinski, the old cold warrior who was instrumental in lousing up President Carter’s administration. Brzezinski’s “thing” is to pull the U.S. out of major deployment in western Asia and Iraq, and to insert client states there and in Asia proper to do the U.S. corporate bidding. This then lets Zbigniew do his favorite thing, which is to concentrate direct U.S. policy on Europe and Russia, which he sees as the greatest threat to U.S. corporate domination of natural resources throughout the world.
His primary economics adviser is Robert Rubin, of CitiBank in New York. So of course Barack gave his support to the $850-billion broker/bank bailout, and that’s just the start. We believe “the real crash” isn’t here yet, but is coming soon. The result of this crash, beyond all the physical suffering it will bring, is even more consolidation of wealth, an even greater concentration of that wealth in fewer hands. The government numbers say between 37-40 million Americans live in poverty; Ralph Nader says 100 million Americans “live in dire poverty.” We believe Nader’s number is closer to reality.
We do not see how following the traditional path in the direction of our economy can possibly solve the problems of regular Americans. Unless the president is willing to pursue the most fundamental aspects of our money system, including taking the Federal Reserve Bank out of private ownership by banks, we believe our United States is in grave danger of a transformation we believe is in progress now, and that is to a complete oligarchy in which over 98% of our population is ruled by 2%, the many ruled by the few, and we face the real specter of an American fundamentalist theocratic corporate fascism.
The backbone of this grisly possibility is perpetual war to maintain a level of constant anxiety and fear, and the submission of the American people to the authorities who say they must protect us. Shock and Awe, right here in America, on wide screen tv in living color.
Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente have none of this. They have come too far, and worked too long, and they will never betray peoples’ needs.
They deserve your support and your votes. See also Green Party Runs McKinney for President.
• Our Bottom Line
We don’t like to say this, but we must.
In the case of all who live in the “hotly contested swing states” — Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, Indiana, North Carolina, Arizona — we agree with Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn, and we urge people to vote for Barack because yes, McCain’s as unacceptable as BushCo. Unless the election’s stolen, and we don’t see how they can get away with it a third time in a row — not this time — we will have President Barack Hussein Obama on January 20th. As exhausted as many of us are after these last terrible 8 years, we need to organize better and effectively — and aim for victory and success to push President Obama in a real progressive direction for the sake of all our futures and for the future of our planet.
U.S. Archives
The pressure needs to be fast, strong and relentless. When Franklin Roosevelt was inaugurated in 1933, he had no plans for a Social Security System, nor for a Civilian Conservation Corps, nor for a Works Progress Administration, nor for a National Recovery Act. It was the pressure of people desperate for decency, justice and dignity that moved all those programs into being.
We urge all progressive organizations in the USA to drop their stupid power-tripping in-fighting and actually work together to bring 500,000 people to Washington January 20th, with the expressed purpose of wishing President Obama well and to tell him we must have a leader who will put people first always, and work to make a society based on cooperation for the sake of our commonwealth, and for the commonwealth of our world. This pressure must be constant, continuous and defined by positive proclamations of positions for people, and not defined simply by all the things we oppose.
We need to show the President and our country what needs to be done.
This is the change we need, this is the change we can make happen. It’s an old saw but it’s true:
When the people lead, the leaders will follow.
VOTING’S ONLY THE FIRST STEP! Learn, educate, organize!
3 November 2008 Impeach Groups —

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