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BOOK REVIEW: Chris Broyhill's THE VIPER CONTRACT delivers a knockout punch

By Sean McCaffrey
Posted Oct 12, 2011 in
cover art: The Viper Contract by Chris Broyhill
cover art: The Viper Contract by Chris Broyhill
As the host of Conservatives Lead with Sean McCaffrey every Tuesday on KFNX in Phoenix (, I have the wonderful opportunity to meet interesting candidates, elected officials, community leaders... and when I'm especially lucky, authors.
Tonight was one of those times I was especially lucky, as I was joined on-air this evening by an author of tremendous talent who is among the rising stars of the suspense genre. Called "a likely successor to Tom Clancy and the heir-apparent to the techno-thriller throne", Chris Broyhill is the author of the recently published "The Viper Contract" (Brighton Publishing, 2011).
"The Viper Contract" is every bit as exciting as the title alone makes it sound, and it's no wonder that even investment bankers are arguing online about who is most likely to play lead-character Colin Pearce if/when the book makes it to the big screen.
The short summary is as follows: a retired Air Force pilot with a grudge against the military finds his life turned upside down when two CIA operatives approach him in a bar with an off-the-books assignment he just can't refuse. Readers will feel (I did) as if they are actually in an F-16 cockpit as the book races to its impressive climax.
But what makes it all so impressive is that Broyhill manages this literary coup without the technical schematics that bog down Clancy novels. When I finished Hunt for Red October, I felt exhausted, as if I was ready to navigate the Grand Banks in a sub. But, truthfully, when I read a thriller, I'm looking for thrills, not engineering classes. And in a masterful way, Broyhill put me in the cockpit, in the air, in the fight (and yes, there are some BIG fights), without pop quizzes on brakes and thrust.
Tonight, on my radio show, however, what most impressed me was not just getting the opportunity to spend nearly 30 minutes talking books, politics and flying with Chris Broyhill... what impressed me most was that today, as a successful author, devoted husband and father, and businessman, Chris Broyhill has never forgotten what it meant to serve our great nation. And the respect, admiration and maybe even awe Broyhill has for the soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and guardsmen serving today made me especially proud to have him on my show.
"The Viper Contract" is a fantastic book. It was/is a best seller as an eBook, and is now also available in print (see Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or wherever you buy your books). And, FYI, if you visit Chris online and buy a copy direct from his website, he'll personally autograph it for you, too.
What a great country we live in. What great books there are out there to read.

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