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Interesting take on occupy wall street or is it

By Molly Zelvonberger
Posted Oct 10, 2011 in Politics
I came across this video that was very interesting. I support the grievances that many youths have today especially in our current economic climate. I also support many college students and generations here after who will find it harder to achieve financial independence. For the rest of us, it will be a challenge and hopefully there is a flip side to all of the current and future changes we have yet to see and experience. This is about knowing who your following. I have to say that SultanOfShinola who posted the video above points out some very interesting facts. I just wanted to pass it along.
(Reuters) On the west coast an unidentified 42-year-old man carrying some flyers in his pockets leaped to his death from an eight story parking structure which is still under investigation. This event draw in hundreds who's message was aimed at protesting against economic inequality.
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