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Occupy Wall Street: Not Ready for Prime Time

By Jacki Viles
Posted Oct 5, 2011 in Business
I was going to write an article on why these protesters are having a problem getting their voices heard in the media. So much had been said about the Tea Bag Rallies getting immediate coverage. But yet this group can’t even get their picture taken with Santa Claus.
As I did the research I got a little angry. I decided to rant about this in a blog instead. First and foremost I appreciate open and honest discussions. I even enjoy a little discord at times. But I realize, as an adult that the best way to get your point across, well…is to have one.
Occupy Wall Street is getting plenty of press. But the demonstrations have been covered from an atypical point of view. There is coverage abound that the movement has not had any coverage! That’s right! They are being covered in the media for not being covered! There are also stories all over the TV and print media covering the police brutality angle or the stories about how the NYPD forced the protesters to walk in traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge causing a public disturbance. All the press you ever wanted for all the wrong reasons.
Why is this? Could it be that this group of protesters has no leadership? Is their message maybe a little disjointed? Perhaps their issues (if we knew what they were) are too complicated to wrap up in a pithy little sound bite? Any journalist worth his credentials will tell you that a print report or network TV news spot is a complete waste of time if it leaves their readers and viewers with more questions than answers.
So they are occupying Wall Street. They must be angry at Wall Street. They are also mad at the so called wealthy. They want the wealthy to give the wealth back. Back to whom? What if they were wealthy? How would they feel then?
They don’t like ‘The System’. Well, what is the plan? How do you want this to go down? Is there a plan? Progressive thinkers get tired pretty quick of adults who crybaby and whine and complain about all that is wrong in the world without offering solutions. Give me a plan or a direction. It doesn’t have to be a good plan. But this movement begs for direction. You can’t get a movement off the ground without leadership and planning. It doesn’t sit well with the audience when the microphone suddenly shows up in your face and all you can do is whine. Perhaps they’ll gain some direction from the solidarity of the other unions that join them. But remember, the unions who join them only join their cause because it is what unions do. They support all who strike and stand with solidarity to oppose management and business wherever it may be.
I read everywhere that this movement is gaining momentum. I disagree. The ‘thought’ is gaining momentum. It must be all the press they aren’t getting! But this particular movement stagnates.
Is this a flashback to the hippie counterculture from the 60’s? I see no beatniks? No flower power? I see plenty of the great unwashed needing to put the same effort into getting a job or getting an education. Maybe if they had that type of motivation in their real lives they would do something useful and solve the world problems instead of being one of them.
Why do these freeloaders want what I worked hard for? People come from all over the world to this country to work and do well. Better than the Americans that were born here. Are you going to protest the Chinese restaurants and the nail shops next? How about all the professionals from other countries with work Visas? They are satisfying a need for professionals because we don’t have enough of those skills in this country. How about finding out where the need is? And while you’re at it, ask yourselves if you’ve ever gotten a job from a poor person before? It seems to me that all the jobs I ever got were from wealthy business people. I’m currently hiring.
As I watch the news and see the non coverage, I also notice something else. Is it me or are these people some of the best turned out protesters you have ever seen? I see lots of suits and ties in the crowd. I see women carrying some very nice handbags. At least two Kate Spade purses in the mix. Not all of them are tourists. But I’m not sure all of them are sleeping in the park at night either.
What saddens me most is that this cross section of America that I see in the streets of my childhood stomping ground appear to make better followers than leaders. Perhaps that’s what we’ve become. A nation of followers. Oh my! Maybe that’s the problem. I don’t even want to ask who these people voted for if they voted at all.

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