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When you say:"Time flies!"

By Monica Zapponi
Posted Oct 4, 2011 in Lifestyle
How many times have we cried out "Time has flown!" or "Today no longer passes." For centuries this mysterious concept called "time" has intrigued scientists, philosophers, intellectuals, all eager to define what is more subjective than it seems. Certainly, because of our need man has divided time in years, months, days and so on and we cannot deny the usefulness of watches, so much loved by who is punctual as despised by chronic latecomers (let's admit it! haha!). However, very often in everyday life we realize that, despite the precision with which it was divided, time actually seems to run or stop for whole hours!Think of those afternoons spent with friends watching our favourite programmes on television, chatting or practicing an healthy sport: five hours seem to be five minutes!And what about the endless wait at the airports, banks, or the most hated lessons during which our little attention is entirely directed to our watch and to the futile attempt to bring the lancets forward with the unique power of the eye!
In both cases, time seems to mock us, am I wrong?It is also true that on some occasions, temporal coincidences do not allow us to meet people we don't like (how many times have we thought it?)or to take the bus on the fly (it happens to me very often!) ...In a few unique and short moments time seems to be our ally.."uniqueness"is the fundamental concept used by many philosophers including Nietzsche and Bergson to define time, a sequence of unique instants intended to be lived fully, to the maximum.Personally I believe that this fascinating vision of time can really define what can never fully be "harnessed" in a strict definition, and that we should live, as part of life, with passion and interest,not wasting anything of it.Reflecting on time the famous poet Seneca condemns the fact that men, involved in their daily activities (often doing nothing or doing it badly), waste their time and then complain that life is too short; the truth is that time we are given is sufficient, we must exploit it well(it's not easy to do!).His advice to avoid "dying" little by little every day and live an happy and constructively life?Live today without postponing to the future, live today like a whole life, make haste to live! Nothing is better than one of his sayings to conclude:"How can eighty years of doing nothing benefit to that man?He didn't live,he has delayed in life;he didn't die later, he took a long time to die. "

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