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Ah Solyndra! We Hardly Knew Ya!

By Jacki Viles
Posted Sep 24, 2011 in Politics
While I am in total agreement that the world should treat the Earth and its resources with kindness and conservation I have always been skeptical of the Green industry et al. Perhaps it is my distrust of Al Gore who seems to have created a business out of thin air when he left office years ago. Maybe it is because as a child I remember celebrating Earth Day. I was taught in grade school that the earth was going through a period of global cooling and sometime in the near future we would have glaciers running down from the Hudson to the Florida Keys. Now all that I hear about is global warming. I’ve not read all the books on the topic and the opinion I form is purely anecdotal, not factual. It’s the feeling inside that you get when someone is pulling your leg a bit.
A lot has been written on clean energy and there are many good reasons to conserve but the technology economy had failed to embrace it in any broad manner. If anything the Green technology industry, to me, has been a way of parting people from their dollars. Home renovations can cost 35 to 100% more if you plan to Go Green in your construction plan. The total cost of ownership for a hybrid automobile does not make good financial sense to the average consumer. But yet, it is becoming big business.
I was disappointed when Obama pledged the creation of tens of thousands of new jobs in the Green Technology industry. I gave the television a bit of the ‘eye roll’ and changed the channel. The best that you could hope for when the President speaks is nothing! Whatever the promise; it won’t happen. But now comes the news that the Obama Administration appears to have bullied a loan guarantee from the Dept of Energy for over $500 million to a private solar panel company that in no way would have qualified for that kind of funding. The Office of Business and Management at the White House held firm that this company was in no way qualified. This private entity, Solyndra, had the request for funding pending for years and there were no takers. Not even the last administration! But the green jobs market fit right into Obama’s planning and it picked up speed in 2009.
I would hope there was plenty of discussion on handing over taxpayer dollars to fund private business. But I fear I would be disappointed again. The thought that kills me the most is that a very large contributor to the Obama machine, George Kaiser, is a principal at Solyndra. Where does it all end? Well, it ends in bankruptcy court. The ink is barely dry on the note and $500 million tax payer dollars are gone. To add just a little more burn to the situation, a Congressional hearing conveyed this Friday with the principals of Solyndra pleading the Fifth Amendment. Ouch! Never a good sign.
There’s another stimulus bill in Congress. I forget what it’s called this time. I’ve stopped listening. But it is being touted as a jobs creation bill. We are still waiting for the job creation that was promised when the last bill was signed. I’m still stinging from the $500 million we handed to Solyndra that is gone forever along with the jobs that were promised from this silly investment.
Mr. President- Do me a favor and pick up a drug habit, start chasing women or start drinking. Do something. But do something else. Stop picking investments and creating ideas to help the American economy out of this mess we are in. With all due respect, you and your halfwit staff have absolutely no game and clearly no idea of what you are doing.