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Random autumn musings: My blog, the games, my cat...changes

By Elizabeth Cunningham Perkins
Posted Sep 23, 2011 in Lifestyle
I was considering moving my freelancing and "personal quest" blog to Digital Journal, among other possibilities, from LiveJournal, where it has been kind of dead -- and unprofitable because monetization possibilities are severely restricted there. (Years ago, I paid for a lifetime LJ membership, for no justifiable reason, so there will be a page for me there, as long as that service remains on the Net.)
There is no way at all to monetize my blogging here, of course, but it could add to my sense of belonging, I mused. But then the game features were instituted (that I wanted to like, but in truth do not) and I had second thoughts.
Today I am pondering the move again, wondering, since I can at least get points for blog posts and original images, why don't I give it a whirl anyway? All I would need to do is just begin blogging here regularly, and post a link to here on my latest entry there.
This autumn many more changes than usual are happening for me and the Tortoise Cat -- as she tells in her blog.
Tortoise cat in a favorite autumn garden
Tortoise cat in a favorite autumn garden

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