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Writing with tears in your eyes

By KJ Mullins
Posted Sep 18, 2011 in World
There are times that you are given a lead about a story that grips you. Such is the case of the series I am working on this week to spotlight the human rights issues of Eritrea, an African nation that has outlawed freedom of the press. As I dig deeper I am sadden more and more by the citizens plight within Eritrea.
Fellow journalists are locked away, with no charges simply because the government considers them a threat. The government is winning so far. There is very little being written in main stream media about how a nation has been silenced.
Today I was honoured to speak to Aaron Berhane, an amazing man who escaped his homeland in order to keep a voice coming out from the dark. Tomorrow the article will go live. I can only hope that my small voice will be heard and that main stream media will start to scream out for those who are dying locked away in a prison cell because they speak the truth.
When commentators ask on an article why should we care about what's going on so far from home I can only wonder how can we not? Our world has become so much smaller with social media today. Who was a stranger years ago is now my friend and my friends live globally. When my friend suffers I feel their pain.
We are all neighbours in the scheme of things. Let's hope our neighbours in Eritrea can regain their voice. Silence is not an option.

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