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Enjoy one of the pleasures of life..a glass of wine directly from"Oltrepò Pavese"!

By Monica Zapponi
Posted Sep 16, 2011 in Food
"... Making wine is a way of living, thinking, and growing with the responsibility to produce something good and healthy for yourself and others;it takes you back to ancient, primitive, concrete, teaches you to listen to nature, with passion ..."
This maxim best summarizes the mind of the wine makers,who daily spend great energy,passion and care to guarantee a high quality product.Quality and flavor surely characterise the wines produced here in the province of Pavia,inside the so called "Oltrepò Pavese",a wide hilly area which stretches for 1100 square kilometers south of the Po river,between the borders of Piedmont and Emilia.Crossed by the tributaries of the Po,this area is particularly adapted to the cultivation of grapes:the weather is dry in winter and airy in summer.Although the technology employed in the production of wine has been increasingly modernised,the companies have never neglected the importance of traditions and quality; the number of installations on 14000 hectares of vineyards and the attention to the product have made the "Oltrepò Pavese" the best wine producer in Italy and one of the most popular among connoisseurs in the world.
We can identify four different producing areas:
-Valle Versa;
-Valle Scuropasso;
-Oltrepò Centrale;
-Oltrepò Occidentale;
Also the wines can be divided into three main groups:
-reds(which can be young, aged, harmonic,for dessert, sweet, savory, spontaneous),including Oltrepò Pavese Barbera,Bonarda,Buttafuoco,Cabernet Sauvignon,Pinot nero,Sangue di Giuda,Rosso,Rosso Riserva;
-the rosè,incuding Oltrepò Pavese Pinot Nero,Pinot Nero Spumante,Rosato.
-whites(fixed,vibrant, delicate, fruity):Oltrepò Pavese Chardonnay,Cortese,Malvasia,Moscato,Moscato liquoroso dolce,Moscato liquoroso secco,Pinot Grigio,Pinot Nero,Pinot Nero spumante,Riesling Italico,Riesling Renano,Sauvignon.
Most of them got the Protected Designation of Origin(DOC),while the Protected and Guaranteed Designation of Origin has been assigned to Oltrepò Pavese metodo classico(rosè,Pinot Nero,Pinot Nero rosè);finally the Typical Geographic Indication(I.G.T.)"Province of Pavia"has been reserved to the white,red,rosè and novello wines.
If you want to taste one of these delights,here are the six best known companies:S.Maria Della Versa, Canneto Pavese, Casteggio, Broni, Torrazza Coste e Vicobarone.
...choose the wine you like most or try more than one among the large choice offered by an area(needless to do it on purpose!) shaped like a bunch of grapes!!
Oltrepò Pavese:a meeting of fragrances and flavors

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