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A great start to Florence + the Machine's new album

By Chanah Rubenstein
Posted Sep 15, 2011 in Entertainment
Florence + the Machine’s forthcoming album “Ceremonials” is set to be released at the end of October, but the first single “Shake it out” was recently dropped.
Music is universal but is perhaps more subjective than most things in life. That being said, if you haven’t heard Florence Welch’s voice or the beats and energy that the band exudes, you’ve truly been missing out.
The music is raw and instinctive. Someone used the word ‘savage’ and I couldn’t agree more. It brings you back to earth and it sends you flying. The basic beats are enough to captivate you, but Welch’s voice is unlike anything currently out there.
While current popular music can be off-putting with its formulated sounds, and artists within the industry using the same genre or style of music on their albums, Florence + the Machine incorporates various styles. There’s a bit of hip-hop, rock and some dance-friendly songs. There are some retro 70’s flavoured songs but with technology and Welch’s voice infused within it, it becomes futuristic. I hope this is where music is headed.
From their last album “Lungs” came a huge hit, “Dog days are over”. The entire album was incredible (though ‘Howl’ is still my favourite.) I haven’t heard the new album yet, but I’m hoping that they stick with the rawness experienced in “Lungs”. From what I gather, having listened to “Shake it out”, they’re off to a great start. Some of the songs from “Lungs” were dark in subject, but “Shake it out” is hopeful - though true to what made the last album great.
You can listen to the latest single, “Shake it out”, here.

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