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What do Gov. Scott Walker and Adolf Hitler have in common?

By Marcel Elfers
Posted Sep 6, 2011 in Politics
Governor Scott Walker from Wisconsin will not win popularity contests. His first and foremost contribution to legislation was to severely limit collective bargaining in Wisconsin and with it, the nation as a whole. Voters felt strongly betrayed as he was not running on that basis at all.
Enduring protests and disgruntled men and women stormed the Capitol and invaded the House. One protester held up this sign, comparing Walker with Hitler as the latter apparently abolished unions.
Although it is understandable someone is venting his dismay (see the enlarged last letters in "Walker" and "1933" which means "bluntness", "lack of social graces") , it is also clear that governor Scott Walker is far from a war criminal. So let us not mix that issue.
The sign reminded me of a signature comparison I made in the past between Scott Walker and Adolf Hitler. Walker's signature reminded me of Hitler's because it had a very similar feature in it.
X formations
X formations
Both men have an "X-formation" in their signature. X formations are cross strokes where you don't expect them. From a psychological perspective, such authors "barrel through existing barriers" and are known to embrace conflict.
In fairness to Walker, the signature shown shows markings of anxiety and stress. It is unclear whether his X formation is habitual or temporary.
Scott Walker certainly withstood strong opposition and confrontation with childish ignorance. One thing that Scott Walker now needs to remember is that "authority without reason results in resentment ". The world took care of Adolf and voters will let their voices be heard with the mark of a pencil.
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Marcel Elfers is a Trial Run Master Profilerâ„¢ through handwriting and statement analysis.

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