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How did 9/11 affect you? Have your say with our Remembering 9/11 project

By David Silverberg
Posted Aug 31, 2011 in Internet
This is a reminder about our ongoing Remembering 9/11 project, allowing anyone to share their memories/stories on how September 11, 2011 changed their lives forever.
Let us know how you look at the world differently since 9/11, in light of the 10-year anniversary of this horrific event approaching in a few weeks. You can share your stories in several ways: We welcome news stories, photo stories, videos and more. If you are a Digital Journalist and you decide to write about 9/11, please Claim the Assignment from the list of Assignments and use the tags "September 11 Anniversary" and "Sept 11".
You can also contribute to our Digital Journal Group with a blog post, as several Digital Journalist have already done.
Perhaps you want tell us your story on our Facebook Page, or post photos/videos relating to 9/11. This Facebook community is active and engaged, so your story might go viral if other people decide to share it.
Aand if you're on Twitter, you can follow our new feed @RememberSept11 and reply if you want to engage with an online community about 9/11's effect on you.
You might be wondering what you should write about. Everyone remembers 9/11, so feel free to answer any of these questions: Do you feel safer now than you did then? Did you lose someone close to you? What do you think about the wars that have come after? What do you think about the global war on terror? How have you, your family and friends changed over the last decade and what does the anniversary of 9/11 mean to you?
Let us know if you have any questions or feedback about Digital Journal's Remembering 9/11 project.

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