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Shoes! Glorious Shoes!

By Jacki Viles
Posted Aug 26, 2011 in Lifestyle
Pumps, mules, stilettos, boots, booties, wedges, espadrilles, gladiators, strappy sandals, ballet flats, platform shoes…You name it. Yes. I own them all. Or I thought I did. I take ice skating lessons and I love high heels. These are called the Skate Moss and they are part of the DSquared2's Fall 2011 collection.
DSquared2 2011 Collection
DSquared2 2011 Collection
I take dance lessons too and I’ve seen ballet stilettos around. Actually, I’ve never seen them in person. I thought they were some kind of urban myth. But here are some Christian Louboutin’s to die from…uh… to die for!
Frankly, I want them both. But I am terrified of the orthopedic consequences. This old girl could break a hip or something.Hm mm…or something
Don’t tell anyone but I was throwing away shoes today to make room for…wait for it….wait for it….MORE SHOES! It’s going to be Fall very soon. Let the games begin.
Take the summer shoes and transfer them to the ‘under the bed’ storage. My bed is now jacked up eight inches higher than normal to accommodate the summer collection.
Transfer the winter shoes from the ‘under the bed’ storage to the second bedroom. And then…bring out the boots! Yes ladies. There are riding boots, walking boots, strut your stuff thigh high grey suede stilettos, black thigh high leather with buckles and zippers. Oh my!
What is it with women and shoes? I’m not trendy. I have good fashion sense. I can afford nice things. I tend to stick to classic and timeless items. I have very few ‘novelty’ shoes. I need to get a few years out of these puppies. Some are quite expensive.
Obviously they make me taller. And I know that the perfect shoe in the right color and style can make a so so outfit look fabulous. I’ve heard some women remark that no matter how their body changes, their feet always stay the same. Shoes will always look good on you. They’re relatively free from all the imperfections women can dwell on while shopping for clothes. It’s anxiety free. Shoes won’t make you look fat like that hideous pair of jeans you jammed yourself into.
I have over 100 pairs of them (now that I’ve thrown so many away). Some women collect them and store them in boxes with pictures of them taped to the box. These are serious collectors. They don’t usually wear them. They just keep them. I’ve never understood that. They’re a bunch of lunatics! I wear mine. All of them.
My daughter would remind you of the time when she was in grade school and she found me out in the street with a bunch of little girls jumping rope in stilettos, passing the time until she finally came. She has a picture of me from when I was a teenager coming off the beach. In my hands was a pair of high heels. “On the beach! Seriously, mother?”
There are times when I will meet a business associate for the first time and my reputation for fancy footwear has preceded me. People will actually look down at my feet and say, ‘You must be Jacki!’ The big joke around the office is the obvious- ‘You really couldn’t spend a day walking in her shoes- honestly’.
Now that strangers have come to expect great things from my footwear I don’t want to disappoint. But I can’t help but wonder how long I can continue this trend. Thigh high boots and high heel gladiators when you’re getting up there in age may not be a good idea. Then I see Madonna and Jane Fonda sporting Alexander McQueen stiletto boots and everything is right with the world again.

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