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My new craving for PB2

By Chanah Rubenstein
Posted Aug 25, 2011 in Food
When it comes to food, I go through phases. I go through periods where I’ll crave a particular food for a time, then get sick of it and stay away from it for months.
I just finished a watermelon phase. My new one is peanut butter. Specifically PB2.
Here in Toronto you can’t buy it at just any grocery store, you either have to go to a specific store (The Low-Carb store has it) or you have to order it online. It’s more expensive than Skippy or Kraft, but I prefer it, and don’t (normally) eat it often – it’s a nice, guilt-free treat. And they have a chocolate-peanut butter version that I can’t get enough of!
Let me explain the product, in case you haven’t heard of it. It comes in a powder form that you add water to. I know it doesn’t sound appealing yet, but bear with me.
What the company does is squeeze out most of the oil (85%) from the peanuts leaving less calories and fat. When the oil is squeezed out, the liquid is essentially gone, so you replace the oil with water. I like thick peanut butter, so I add less water than what they say – which really isn’t much.
You mix the water and PB2 as you need it, which is a bit bothersome – you can’t just stick your finger in the peanut butter for a taste, you have to prepare it every time you want some.
Being a powder, I find it more versatile than traditional peanut butter. It’s easier to cook with and blend into food. It’s great to sprinkle into a smoothie, make Thai dishes with or just sprinkle onto a banana for added flavour and protein.
It is an acquired taste for some. It’s a bit grainy and doesn’t taste like commercially traditional peanut butter, but there are no preservatives or chemicals used in the process.
The ingredients are simple: roasted peanuts, sugar and salt (and cocoa in the chocolate version.) I love peanut butter on toast and I don’t feel guilty about it, which is a bonus. (The added chocolate really does it for me though!)
You can check out the company’s site here. There are a hundred or so recipes on the site too. The versatility is quite amazing.
Have you ever tried PB2? Did you like it?