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Outside the Window

By Waheeda Kanwal
Posted Aug 16, 2011 in Crime
The window of my room has exposed several unnoticeable things to me, seeing a usual thing from a different perspective is now a sine qua non for living.
Today after the dawn prayer, I was working on one of my assignments, hours were spent, and unexpectedly but swiftly a fresh gust of zephyr blew through my window and patted my face; it was so enticing that I couldn’t wait to reach for more fresh and silky strokes. Watched the clock and realized I can spare few moments to feel the tranquility. Indeed, someone up there was pleased that is why the whiff had taken control of the milieu and was fluttering with the leaves and the eyes that were trying to embrace her. It was all very unruffled and yet, abruptly, the moment stopped, she moved away, some elsewhere, making everything still and jagged.
Suddenly, the eyes met something usual on the road; the police car was stopped, asking a Pathan guy, who was most probably waiting for the bus arrival, to come closer. His hands moved in a way which showed he was asking for the reason. The eyes blinked in strangeness. Out of four, one police constable stepped down from the car and dragged the guy towards the car, asking for ‘don’t know what’, the boy brought out his wallet and showed the cop his CNIC. This didn’t convince the cop and he started investigating his body which was more like poignant touches and not once but twice, the eyes felt the weirdness and the embarrassment too, it again blinked but in despair. Nothing found from the prey, the cop threw him on the rear seat of the car, in which other 2 cops clutched him, and one cop made him seated on his next empty space.
The hunter went towards the front seat, but the car didn’t move as the front cops were discussing something, maybe pondering that the young guy is a terrorist waiting for bus and carrying his CNIC, it was too clear, he had to be a terrorist and if not then, just maybe then, meanwhile one of the cops on the rear seat touched the prey on his waist, and then on his back and then again on his waist, this time the eyes didn’t blink but agonized, the iron rods of the car had made it too ambiguous to understand and the first hunter again stepped down towards the rear seat, dragged the prey down the car, gave some instructions and asked him to go away by pointing towards an opposite direction. The prey was looking down and started moving towards an opposed direction. The eyes blinked again with bleakness. The police car drove far away from the view of those eyes and ..
the zephyr was there again with all its swiftness and serenity and this time the eyes smiled.

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