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Danger Signs in Handwriting: handy to know when your daughter brings a boyfriend home.

By Marcel Elfers
Posted Aug 11, 2011 in World
Handwriting is a still picture of behavior. Unlike a photograph of a person, in which you normally do not see what happened before or after the moment, in handwriting you can see a continuum in behavioral expression.
This blog is especially important since it shows danger signs in handwriting. Quite handy when you are on the dating scene. Of course, there are far more signs than the ones mentioned. No singular handwriting trait is conclusive as dangerous, yet, the combination of multiple signs can be indicative of social maladjustment.
Vengence [sic]
Vengence [sic]
The author of "Vengence" not only misspelled the word, he also shows muddiness (green circles). This is linked to uncontrollable indulgence in sensual and libidinal urges. There is potential for loss of control and explosive behaviors. The last letter is considerably enlarged (red lines) and implies mentally ramping up at the end. Such authors lack social graces, are blunt, are "in your face" and like to have the last word.
Writing is moving from Left to Right (and up and down) and we need to control our mental energies in order to produce consistent lettering. The inconsistent W's, O's, E's and M's in shape and size and the inconsistent spacing suggest poor impulse control. A sudden burst of forward movements (white arrows) suggest this author lacks control. The heavy dot shows that he temporarily got stuck and obsessively ground in the period. Such grinding dots are a sign of deep seeded resentment, irritability and temper. His behavior in social settings will include bluntness and explosiveness. He will be direct and in your face when he feels cornered or inhibitions and judgment have diminished through alcohol and drugs.
Dennis Nilsen, nick named Britain's Jeffry Dahmer, was criminally active from 1978 to 1983. He was a loner, had homo sexual tendencies and lived, with his mother and siblings, with his beloved grandfather. Dennis claims that the death of his grandfather , combined with viewing his dead body, had a traumatic impact on him.
Jack the Ripper
Jack the Ripper
Another infamous killer is Jack the Ripper. It is no coincidence that his handwriting has strong similarities with Dennis Nilsen. The ink blotches (muddiness), the inconsistencies in letter shape and size, the pen pressure variation. Note that the Ripper's long t cross bars suggest initiative. The Personal Pronoun I has a distinct small loop at the bottom which implies a poor father figure relationship.
When your daughter brings home a date, look at the boyfriend's handwriting. Strong inconsistencies imply mental instability. Ink filled letter structures imply uncontrollable sensual / libidinal urges. Long t bars, especially heavy ones, imply initiative.
You will likely not have to see the handwriting to recognize a "bad boy". His behavior will raise the hairs in the back of your neck. If in your first meeting they don't raise and you think "that is a nice guy" and you see this handwriting: Run away. Almost anyone can behave during the honeymoon phase, yet, hardly anybody will change the quality of their handwriting on a moments notice.
Marcel Elfers is a Trial Run Master Profiler through Handwriting and Statement Analysis™.
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