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Cindy Anthony likely knew what Casey did ... back in 2008.

By Marcel Elfers
Posted Aug 5, 2011 in World
Casey Anthony stood trial for first degree murder of her daughter Caylee and was acquitted in 2011. Cindy and George Anthony, Casey’s parents, received an impound notice for their car in 2008. They noticed a horrible odor in the car which reminded George of a corpse. They figured out where Casey was, found her and demanded answers upon return home.
Cindy called 911 and wanted Casey arrested for car theft. Two hours later, in a second and more desperate call to 911, Cindy claimed that Caylee, her granddaughter, was missing.
The full transcript and call can be read and listened to online.
Dispatch: 911 what’s your emergency?
Cindy: I called a little bit ago. The deputy sheriff’s not here. I found out my granddaughter has been taken. She’s been missing for a month. her mother finally admitted she’s been missing.
Cindy is upset and look at her word selection.
“A little” is actually two hours and suggests that time was flying for Cindy. She used “finally” implying it took “too long”. The use of "her mother" instead of "Casey" or "my daughter" shows distancing and implies that wrong doing by Casey lies within the realm of Cindy's expectations. The word “admitted” implies that Casey did not volunteer information and Cindy had to pull teeth to get to the truth.
Dispatch: what is her date of birth?
Cindy: um. 8. 8-9, 2000. Oh god she’s 3. She’s 2005. George, Caylee’s missing.
George: what?
Cindy: Caylee’s missing. Casey says (Zenaida) took her a month ago.
Cindy, while distracted by the phone conversation with the dispatcher, informs George. That is important, because it tells us that Cindy believes George does not know "Caylee is missing". A moment later, George says “what?” and Cindy repeats that Caylee is missing. George fully aware of the smell in the car and that Caylee is not with Casey, now finds out she is “missing”. What must have been running through his mind as an ex cop?
Cindy Anthony Police Department statement.
Cindy Anthony Police Department statement.
In Cindy’s PD statement (2008), we see interesting handwriting and word selections. Cindy scored out “her” and replaced it with “my”. Apparently, that was important to Cindy and is linked to the first 911 call in which she reported “her car stolen”.
The green highlighted Caylee is clearly written. As Cindy comes to the “I don’t know what happened and I know the car smelled like a dead body” part, the name Caylee is completely distorted. Cindy is visibly shaken. The green circled a’s show a progression from clear to distorted to clear once again, which confirms how upset Cindy is right there.
Cindy also states that "Caylee was missing". That is interesting as it implies she no longer is missing. Did Cindy find out what happened in between the 911 call and writing the PD statement? Did she misspeak ("leakage")? Is that why they distanced themselves?
We write periods at the end of a sentence to indicate the finality of a thought pattern. When writers continue to think about the subject but stop writing, the writer could forget the period. A missing period tells us that “there is more to this line of thinking” . In this case “what happened to Caylee and I am very worried . Why is Casey so evasive?” is likely the continuation of the thought if she did not know what happened. Of course, it is entirely possible Cindy knew already and that could also explain the major distortions in that sentence.
Cindy’s PD statement is in line with her upset 911 call. Cindy just found out Caylee is missing and is very upset. George, also suspicious of Casey’s involvement, distanced himself from his daughter. Note that George, like Cindy, also states that "Caylee was missing". click here for details
My motto: “People behave the way they write and say exactly what they mean”™ once again highlights that handwriting and statement analysis is extremely revealing .
Here is another interesting tidbit:
Casey signatures 2008 and 2010
Casey signatures 2008 and 2010
In Casey's signature A (2008 PD statement) , "Anthony" is scored out and negates the family name. Two years later and the family name completely disappeared. Casey is alone and did not feel the family supported her.
It is therefore no surprise that George and Cindy did not support her after her release from jail. It is no surprise that George and Cindy walked out of the court room after the not guilty verdict. The family dynamics were set in 2008 and only worsened over time as Casey’s signatures reveal.
Marcel Elfers is a Trial Run Master Profiler ™
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